My life: In video montage format

So, it took me about a day to make 3 minute video with little clips of my life.
Enjoy. Comment. Whatever :):

My family. Various cousins. Places I love. My absolutely awesome friend I've known forever. My adopted older sister. An "ex boyfriend". A girl I met at a highschool basketball game when I was 9. Future rockstars. A girl who could be an olympian if she wanted.
It's all these little moments, and all these beautiful people that make my life amazing.


  1. haaa that's pretty awesome! oh, and about Up, i like, cried my eyes out! ellie shouldn't die. not cool. but then the story wouldn't be as good. ha.

  2. Hey, cool! Pretty righteous editing skills, too.

    Vlog buddies!!!

  3. Ok, first off, the second I heard the intro to the first song, I just got really happy, you should know why. Plus the Green Day song, I'm gonna learn it someday, gotta love it, plus I love capture the flag. And then Semisonic's Closing Time and Ok Go as well. And I knew these songs before your list showed, 4 of 6, thats good. And I know I just pretty much talked about the music, but I must say, I loved the choices you made

  4. Thanks guys!

    Leah- Up is amazing. I agree, Ellie shouldn't have died alone. They should have gone together. But the whole story is basically how he lives their dream after he's gone, so yeah :(:

    Christopher, VLOG BUDDIES!!!

    Ah, I love music. The side you recognized is my more rock loving side, and the other music that you didn't get is my more mellow stuff.
    I read your comment on my iPod, and I couldn't remember for the life of me that the sixth song was that Smoosh one.
    I thought you were talking about the keyboard improvisation at the beginning, because, in my opinion, that was rather awesome for something made up on the spot.

    I WILL learn that Green Day song!
    It is one of my favorite acoustic guitar songs of all time. It's brilliant.

    Semisonic: My friend in that part and I adore Semisonic. She has really good music taste too.
    She's also a funny blogger.

    I feel like I got up a little higher on your favorite list.

  5. Hello Beautiful :] that made me smile because every time I greet my friends I say: Hey beautiful people :D

  6. All people are beautiful :)
    I truly believe that.

  7. Wow that was pretty uber cool!!


"Sometimes the world seems like a big hole. You spend all your life shouting down it and all you hear are echoes of some idiot yelling nonsense down a hole"
_Adam Duritz

I love hearing things that aren't my own pathetic echoes.