About Me

Hello, I'm Jillian, but please call me Lilly. I love beauty, and wish to seek truth wherever it leads.
In many ways I have a writer's brain, though words and sentences jumble themselves on the way out of my head and into the atmosphere.
I state things awkwardly. 
Trip around ever so gracefully. 
Dance to Billy Idol in the grocery store.
Check out a thousand books at the library.
Paint when I feel stressed.
Keep things inside until I burst in rare bouts of insanity.

I'm not sure what I want to do with my life.
My Dad looks at me, with his grey eyes I wish I had inherited, opened wide and states 
"You're the only eighteen year old who's ever felt that way"
One thing I know for sure is that I love creating beauty, or rather compiling it.
Bit of a nomad soul, and a free spirit. (Yes, I get called a hippie, thanks for asking)

My favorite things are fresh cut grass.
The lake in the early morning.
Chicago. Especially State Street and Madison, where I came into this world on a grey April afternoon in 1994.
Rainy mornings and hot mugs of black coffee. The color plum.
Classic literature and rock music. Swingsets, and all they represent.
Beanies. Metaphors. Watercolors.
Extreme sports.
Designing anything. Fixing computers. 
Being alone in my head.
Peace. Bonfires and camping.
Laughter and photographs.
My family, friends and dog.

I believe in fighting for sustainability, and living accountable lives.
We're such a short sighted society.
A self directed learner, who races through maths in order to read.
Starting college to pursue design. 
Strong Libertarian political beliefs. 

My biggest goal in writing this blog is to brighten your day, to make you feel alive.
As a younger teen, I remember sobbing after reading "A Separate Peace" and thinking that the greatest calling is to help people feel things and see things that would normally go unfelt or unnoticed.

Thank you for reading this, as scattered as it is.