I am not particularly fond of super long posts on my blog, so I have created a spot for my tags, after they have gotten some "air time".
I do, however, appreciate tags.

Tagged by Ali @ Trying to find faith in Purple Rain and Talking Cows
Rules: Answer the questions and pass it on to 4 others

4 Things found in my bag:
1. Water color paper
2. My Nook
3. My permit
4.  Lipstick 

4 Things found in my purse:
1. An old Chicago Symphony ticket
2.  A hair clip
3. A pencil
4. Money

4 Favorite things in my room:
1. My photo collages 
2. My instruments (guitar and keyboard)
3. CD stash
4. Marble top dresser

4 Things I'm currently into:
1. Writing
2. Painting
3. Photography
4. Music

4 Things people didn't know about me:
1. I've ridden a camel. No, seriously, I have.
2. Even though my name is Jill-Ian it's interchangeable with Julian. Even my friend who know that's it's with an "i" will call me Julian.
3. I am very honest about only taking one sample at the grocery store.
4. I organize my closet based on the color of each item.


Tag'd by Christopher The Chin Scratcher

1. If I was a boy, my name would have been Phineas after both of my parents favorite book, 
A Separate Peace. It's one of my favs too, and I wouldn't have minded.

2. I have kicked a hole in my bedroom wall. 
I have anger management issues.

3. I know a little bit of a lot of languages, 
including French, German, Spanish, Italian,  & Latin mostly and the tiniest bit of Chinese and Polish. 
At random intervals, I will use expressions and sentences from various languages just because I know what I'm saying and no one else does. It annoys people though. 
Le petite chien manges des grande fleurs. Things like that.

4. I secretly love every bruise and scar I have. They say "Hey Jillian, you survived"

5. I use my neighbors wifi. With permission, of course. But I still feel sneaky about it.

6. The real reason I quit swimming was because 
I was so skinny that every time I'd swim for longer than half an hour, 
I'd get so so cold that I felt like I was dying afterward.

7. I've had sleeping disorders my whole life.

8. I get annoyed when people ask if my mother and I are sisters.

9. I have the best friend {that I'm not related to} in the whole world. Her name is Emma Jane, she is completely awesome, and absolutely beautiful.
10. Whenever I suggest we go somewhere, or do something, people always assume that there is either a really great skatepark, or a super nice coffee shop nearby. 4 out of 5 times, they would be correct in that assumption.

11. My role models have always been the girls that get songs written about them. Think: Meet Virginia, Hey Julie, Hey there Delilah. 

12. I'm the kind of girl whose is so outrageously crazy that everyone smiles and and shakes their heads about. Like once I was outside swinging in the pouring rain and singing my lungs out and the boy from next door 
 [insert fake apathetic air] stood at the window grinning. 

13. I wear clothes that aren't exactly "me" because they make my Mom happy.

14. I take artistic photographs of friends and family and secretly hope they'll pick them as their Facebook photos.
I'm annoying, I know.

15.  I have the sort of face that everyone thinks they know. 

16. I had to say "I'm sorry, I don't work here" for the first time when I was 13, and several times since.

17. I have a jar of coins and dollar bills on my desk that is called "My adventure fund".

18.  I have a huge desire to have a job working in a coffee shop while I am still in highschool, but I know that is regarded as a menial job to my parents, and that they want me to focus on school because I'm most likely to end up in the medical field. I still love the idea though.

19. I come from a huge baseball obsessed family, and during the season, there is not a family meal that goes by that baseball is not mentioned once. Even though I think I block baseball out, I still have subconsciously stored most every baseball player in the top 200's first name. I have an extreme name remembering capabilities. Lord forbid I ever forget the difference between Matt Holiday and Roy Halladay.

20. A lot of people get intimidated by me, because they think I think I'm so much smarter than them, but that's really not the case at all.

This took a really long time. Tagging you, if you're up for it.

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Katie said...
I liked reading this Jillian :)

Paper Bird and Little Fairy said...
The small dog ate the big flowers. Busted:) We took French for a few years. We're not brilliant or anything, though. Which saddens me, I would so love to rant in French:) Paper Bird

Jillian said...
Me too PB. I'd love to absolutely raging angry and spew forth a ton of French. Haha, I wasn't saying I was a genius in any of these languages. In fact, most of the things I say are completely irrelevant to anything that matters. która godzina? Thanks Katie, it was very fun to write.

Melissa Renee said...

s.k.y said...
vous êtes une personne maladive awesome XD and sry but its just tht french grammer really bugs me -_-

s.k.y said...

Yerika Reyes said...
I found out a lot about you. Maybe I will do it.