Where were you 9 years ago today?

I was sitting in my sunlight soaked family room, reading a book.
Seven years old.
It was my first day of some extra curricular class I was taking.
I was excited to meet new kids.
The phone rang in the kitchen, and my Mom answered it.
I could hear the panic in her voice, 
so I snapped my book closed to see what she was upset about.
She ran into the room then, still on the phone, and loudly calling my Dad's name.
She flipped on the TV, and what I saw gave me a sick feeling deep down in my stomach.
"What is that?" I remember asking urgently.
"There's been a really bad plane crash"
she told me.
I watched the towers collapse, in real time.
I didn't understand the full meaning of what was going on.
I do remember knowing that we weren't going to forget this anytime soon.
May we never forget.

I pray for all the family's whose lives never completely returned to normal after that day.
We love you.


  1. I was 8, we were playing marbles in the living room (some new game we had become obsessed with.) Mom turned the TV on that morning to watch the news...not expecting to see what she did. Mom wouldn't let us hear a lot of what was happening, she didn't want us to be afraid. But I knew she was. The only thing I ever heard was this girl talking about what she had witnessed, she said, "They were just jumping from the building, it was up in flames, and they were screaming, jumping."
    I didn't understand what was happening, but I knew a lot of people died. Now of course, I get it, and it saddens my heart. Especially with the war as it is now...I'll never forget....

    Paper Bird

  2. It's just horrific.
    I can't believe how long it's been.

  3. I can't remember it, but my mom was pregnant and she (with my sister) was wondering about if it was going to be Jesus coming back or something and she was scared.But thats it.Sierra

  4. First off, I love this picture-it really falls under the catagory "a picture's worth a thousand words."
    Second, like PB said we were just playing around. I was 6. I didn't fully understand anything about it until a couple years later. I can't believe it's been 9 years. It was a tragedy, but it's made us stronger. The home the the brave.

  5. well, even though I live in New Zealand. I remember waking up to the news, and feeling so sick that I had to take the day off school. It was horrible.

  6. It was third grade for me, we had moved into our house a couple months before but we had just go our stuff.
    I remember that school had only started maybe a week or so before and that on that day there was some sort of open house. When we got to the base, we were turned back, everything thing was on lock down, with the security threat being Epsilon, no one was aloud outside of any buildings. As we turned around, my mom turned on the Italian radio. While I couldn't understand it, my mom could at least get the jist of it and a panic looked was on her face. We got back to the housing development and inside our house, amidst the boxes, was a single tv. My dad had hooked it up, and repeating was the same horrific video clip.

  7. i was hoping my dad would make it hope safely from canada. {he was on a fishing trip} he couldn't even fly home, so he rented a car and drove alllll the way home before they closed the border. it was really scary!

  8. It's interesting, how many different ways people saw the same day.

    I was a a White Sox game tonight, and they had a lady whose husband was on that plane and I couldn't help crying.

  9. I was doing 6th grade English. I hated that class. Then my Dad called my Mom. I watched the second tower fall and I felt sick. There was a plane crash in PA too. Nowhere near where I live, but it was still terrible.


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