I'm back, but currently uninspired. I will work on this, I promise.

Okay, is this strange? You'll be the judge.
I love names. A LOT. And I'm always trying to make first name/middle name combos. 

So, if I had four kids, two boys and two girls, they'd currently be named:
  • Trevor Reeven
  • Auden Parker
  • Haven Grace
  • Isabella Jett
The weird part is that I'm not one of those girls who obsess about having kids and families.
I just like naming hypothetical children.

Trevor, I've always loved. 
Reeven is a play on Reeve, from "The face on the milk carton".
Auden after the poet. 
Parker after my Grandma Kay's maiden name.
Haven cos I love the sound. Grace cos it goes well with Haven.
Isabella after the lake I've gone to every year since birth. 
Jett is an acronym for the initials of my best friend and I, 
Jillian-Emma-[Her last name]-[My last name]

So, are there any names that you guys really love? Or is it me?


  1. I am not so obsessed over having a family, and much less children. I am not too family oriented. I don't want to get married either. I mean family is great but not for me. Maybe these thoughts will change when I am older but for thats how I feel.
    I have thought about naming children and come out with no conclusion.
    My name is too unique, and if I were to have children I would want their names to be unique too.
    But I really don't worry about that since I don't plan on having children.
    I once promised someone I would name my child Adam if it was a boy.

  2. I like those names! And no thats not strange. I like the name Landon :)

  3. i like haven. thats original. i've always liked old fashioned names like edward. {no, not beacause of twilight...}

  4. Nope- it's not strange [unless I am, too]. :D I really like authors' names, too.

    Levi [Oliver/Orion] & Charlotte [Anne] are probably my favorite. Levi because I just adore it- always have, always will. Oliver, after Oliver Twist, or Orion, after the constellation [which I have on my arms/legs as freckles]. Charlotte, I love, too, and Anne from my mother's middle name. I have a hard time choosing the middle names, though. :]

    Being inspired doesn't matter as long as you are yourself [which is awesome],
    Macky :D

  5. It is kinda weird but I really like the name Ever. :]

  6. I love Galen and Kalia. Although I don't think I could name someone Kalia. I also like Hebrew names, the way the sound, but I couldn't really name children that either.

  7. I'd really like to have a family but that's not for a little while yet. My wife will probably have a bigger share in the naming process than me but I've picked up a few names I like. Roc is cool but I wouldn't name anyone that. But Peter is cool cuse it means rock. I kinda like a names like Allison or Avery (Avery is for a girl, I think it's too keep your head shaved and kill as many bugs as you can when it's a boy, like little boy). Maria (first name) or Marie (middle name) I really like too. Guess I've picked up more girl names... Timothy is amazing. And Zane is pretty cool. Not really any combos though but they're always really cool. My aunt used to be called Mary Jo which is really unique but she didn't like it so she changed it to just Mary. Jesus loves you! =)

  8. that's so not weird to do. I love Jane, Lucy, Sloan, Shiloh, Delilah, Alice, Jo, Charlotte, Teddy, Myles, and a bunch of others.

  9. Yerika- I responded to most of this on your blog, but unique name ftw. I always thought mine was unique, but hey, another Jillian commented on this, so you do the math. Adam is a rather nice name.

    Ali - I used to like the name Landon. Not mega crazy about it, but my brother wanted twins London and Landon and I thought it was cute.

    Leah - Actually, I have a distant cousin named Haven, and he's a guy. It shouldn't offend him too much I hope. I used to love traditional names too.
    Elizabeth, Amy, Daniel, John, etc. My dad's middle name is Edward.

    Macky - Levi is one of those names that have a really good sound to them. I usually tend to stay away from older sounding names, but Levi is really nice. OLIVER I love though. Omisgosh love.
    You have freckles in the shape of a constellations??
    LUCKY!!! I have a birth mark in the shape of Michigan... but that's lame. Thanks so much for the encouragement. It means a ton.

    Jillian! I like Ever. It's interesting. Kind of like Eve, but softer sounding. It reminds me of the time I was obsessed with the name Ember.

    Sara - I went to music class with a Galen.
    I've neer hear Kalia before though. Hebrew names are awesome, but I agree with the pronunciation issue.

    Tuna - If you had a pet rock, you could name it Roc, I suppose. I agree that it has to be a joint decision. I have a cousin named Zane! It is really cool. Funny, I have a lot more boy names. Jesus love you too!

  10. LF- You commented when I was writing my response.
    I LOVE Delilah, but I don't think I could ever name my daughter that cos of meaning. Jane is pretty and simple. Shiloh I like too.

  11. So you're the one who asked me the "Auden" question on Formspring. ;)

    I don't know if I'll have kids or not, but I've always loved the name Paige. When I was little I had an imaginary friend named Derek who was British and his little sister had a black Newfoundland named Paige. :P

  12. Ah, Isabella Jett is alternatively "Emma Paige" after two of my favorite people.

    Yes, I was the Auden questioner.

  13. Wow! I love Auden and Haven.

    I guess I am one of those girls who dreams about having a family, so I've come up with a lot of names. Unique names, but not ones that they should be embarassed about (I'm not THAT mean).

    For girls: Piper, Bree, Paige, Haven (and no, I didn't just steal that from you haha), and I like Bella or Alyce spelled with a "y".

    For boys: Auden (yes, I stole that), Levi, and maybe River. And I have to have a boy named Adam. And I like Oliver, too. :)

  14. Wow!
    We have pretty similar taste Melissa!
    I agree with you. I want names that are individual, but are still lovely.

    Piper I've always liked sort of, in a way where you hear it, and you think "Wow, that's unique".
    Bree was my "big sister"'s name.

    It's so cool, hearing all these names.
    You seem to agree with a lot of these mentioned.

  15. I'll name my daughter "Taylor" and I know that since I'm nine years old.
    I fell in love with that name.
    But I think it would be more interesting with a middle name, so "Taylor Chloé" ("Chloé" in French)

  16. True, Delilah's meaning is anything but cool. I love the name Astrid and it's meaning. Unusal beauty and strengh. So pretty. And Irish so it goes with my heritage.

  17. I love the name Sloan for a girl...but just ask LF and she'll tell you I am awful with names. I guess I just lack the creativity:) I love names even though I am not so great at thinking them up:)

    I like the names:

    Sloan, Nora, Rodney, Lionel, Leora (that was my granny's name), Charlie, and Silas.


  18. For a girl's name, I really like Scarlett Wendy, Wendy was my sister's name... and I already have a last name picked out that sounds really good with it ;)

  19. I've not thought about names because anything to do with having kids is like, the last thing on my mind.

    But there are a few names that I have used several times in short story ideas I've hatched and abandoned, such as Reyna and Riordan.

    And this is totally random, but it should be "So, are there any names..." Instead of "So, is there any names..." Subject-verb disagreement.

    :) Hope you're having a wonderful week.

  20. Noechill:
    You are absolutely correct about my grammar.
    Thank you. Sometimes I just type and I forget all about that.

    I will fix it.

  21. Ha! I think about this a lot too! :( unfortunately my computer (where my list of names were saved) has died, but A few that I remember:

    Casper Godfrey

    Summer Eskk

    Siegfried Allen (But I would just call him Allen :P)

    Vance Dmitri

    Gavin Loki

  22. P.s. I agree Haven is a way cool name

  23. OH MY GOSH.
    Summer Eskk is awesome!
    It's like Summer Esque.


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