I'm sorry for the lack of posts and comments.
I've been out of town.
I rode up to my family's beach house with my aunt on Thursday,
and I left my computer at home, which means no pretty pictures today :(

I've been doing a lot of fun things.
Thursday I went biking, walked by the beach, watched Ironman, and read.
Yesterday I went kayaking, for a walk, swimming, then I road the jetski around for half an hour, took the peddle boat across the mile wide lake, and swam across half of it.
I promptly fell asleep at 8:15, as you can imagine.

Well, how is everyone? If you have a moment, Formspring questions would be much appreciated.

So, I'm on a leave until next Wednesday.
For the sake of interesting comments,
what is your three favorite things you've done this summer?
It doesn't matter if you've had a horrible summer (I hope you haven't) just what are the three best things?


  1. three best things about my summer: going to the movies a million times.
    reading, a bunch.
    and pretty much just chillin'.

  2. Hope you had fun at the beach house!

    1)Driving my cousin's stickshift pick-up truck through pretty much unroamed land.
    2) Riding in a hot air balloon.
    3) Shaking hands with Paul McCartney.

  3. Three best things:
    1) Times with 2 of my best friends, Watching Avatar the Last Airbender until there was no more to watch. Late night talks on the drive home/sitting in front of my house. Being up till 3 am after The Last Hangout.
    2) Long phone conversations with a friend from school.
    3) the summer letter writing, and hopefully a few things that are planned, yet currently in the future.
    What about you?

  4. Hey! I am extremely entertained and all around inspired by your blog! You seem like a really cool person.

    Oh! but you asked a question :P
    1) Tours and concerts! California's and Utah's warped tour
    2) playing in the Next Big Thing Tour and other small venues XD
    3)Going on road trips to visit my brother

    Lalala but my summer has rocked for so many other reasons :P

  5. 1) I got to go to girl's camp, it's a thing for my church for girls 12-18 and we went up north and did a bunch of fun activities, it was my third year and it was SO much fun.
    2) I found out that this really amazing guy likes me again :) so hopefully good things happen...
    3) I got to spend time with a lot of my family at a bunch of different events!
    It was a pretty good summer :)

  6. Well I'll do the three worst things just to shake things up... idk.

    1) Was half an hour away from seeing my best friend for a whole week without seeing him before he goes off to college for a long time.

    2) Just missing the van warp tour by a day and never being able to make any concerts anywhere I was (17 states).

    3) Having to go to tonnes of really boring dinners with older people who knew me when I was little and still act like I'm the same.

    (and a fourth) Getting the shingles.

    (oh, and a fifth,) I lost a couple grandpas.

    But some good things happened too.

    1) Got to play guitar and piano allot and a little bit of bass.

    2) Had lots of time to rest and catch up on sleep (had the time too, I haven't really caught up much =P).

    3) Got to see friends and relatives and meet lotsa new people.

    4) GOD's been talking to me. I'm not all too happy of what He's been asking me but I know it's what I need to be doing cuse it is the absolute best for me or else He'd be having me do something else. (Btw, these things aren't really in order)

    5) I know I went waaaay over what the requirement was but- I'm very blessed and happy by the peace that GOD gives me when I accept it, when I am still. Cuse you can be still and your heart pound like crazy. You're just not moving anywhere else.

    Thanks for the brief reflective moment, hope I didn't take up too much of your time. Jesus loves you! =)

  7. I really enjoyed reading what you're all up to.
    I think I'll make more questions at the end of posts, to provide interesting comments.

    My top three were:

    1. Going to Baton Rouge. Even though it was still technically spring, I was on summer break.

    2. Biking a lot. I don't know, but I'm glad I've been able to do it more.

    3. Going to the beach house and doing all the normal fun things I do there.

  8. 1) I've been to Italy, my favorite country :)
    2) My soundtrack of summer '10 is Blink-182 (Blink makes me happy) ♥
    3) I'll go to Frankfurt (Germany) tomorrow together with someone I really like

    I hope you also enjoyed your summer holidays!

    btw I read your comment and I answered it.

  9. 1)University of Chicago
    2) Work @ Magazine
    3) Lollapalooza 3 day concert

  10. that sounds like fun :)

    1) going to Dubai
    2) Toy Story 3 haha
    3) Crazy-awesome new people that I met.


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