Worst ways o get proposed to (in my mind) Guys listen up. Although I think it's probably personal

1. At a baseball game. I mean, seriously. Don't do it. I like sports, and I like the concept (notice I said "concept") of love. But I don't think they mix well. ALSO! Baseball game wedding's have FAIL stamped ALL over it.

2. On any type of billboard. Honestly.

3. At a restaurant. Food+Love don't mix that well either.

4.  Anywhere where complete strangers would cheer.

5. Any time after 12:00 am, and before 5:00 pm. I am not a morning person.

There is five. I honestly can't think of anymore at the present.


  1. yeah, i agree with all of them. including "the concept of love." i've always been pretty unlucky in love.
    by the way, i changed my blog background! do you like it??

  2. Lol, I love this one YouTube video of a guy proposing during halftime of a basketball game, and the chick says no and runs out. I think: 1)Awww.. sorry dude and, 2)Muhahahahaha...

    The other day, one of the girls that works with me got proposed to right there in the store. There was a mini-mob that formed to watch. But it was mostly co-workers, so it wasn't a mini-mob of strangers.

    And Idk if you like Green Day, but I bought their new album that came out yesterday and it's amazing. :D I'm listening to it now.

  3. umm, thanks for the advice I guess... :P I agree with all of them I guess... With guys, staying up really late is lots of fun but for a proposal... it just doesn't work. And the restaurant is more for guys I guess. People are just getting more and more selfish as we go along. I'm ashamed of some of the behavior out there. I never go to baseball games so I have that part covered :P and the other two are just advertising embarrassment all over them. Although it is a bit early for me, thanks :) Jesus loves you!

  4. I disagree with one of those. Food and love TOTALLY mix, but what do I know?
    I agree with the first two no-nos. I mean, its nice to go above and beyond when your propose, but sometimes flashy doesn't equal love. I would do it simple: play her favorite song as she walks in the door, cover the floor with rosepetals, get down on one knee and say, "..." I don't know, but whatever you say. Just go simple and traditional...short and sweet...yeah...

  5. Awwww! Potatoe! *tears up* You've got a head start...trust me...what you said...it's a winner. Haha!

  6. I agree with Potato. And that's strange, cause the entire idea of marriage completely freaks me out altogether...but I guess if I had to be proposed to, that would be how I'd want it...except maybe without the rose petals (sorry, too cheesy). Anywho, yeah. I think he got it basically right. *Hint hint, Potato Pancakes, AHEM!* Hahaha joking joking!

  7. Ha hA... funny yet true... =3 i agree with you on all of them!


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