Okay, I LOVE camping. Absolutely LOVE it.
And one of my favorite parts is well, the actual tent. My childhood best friend, Ash, and I used to set it up all by ourselves. 
Then we would haul all of our gear inside, and set it up. And late at night, we would talk for hours, and it would be so cozy and warm, thanks to this super heater my Dad bought. And my brothers, Ash, and I would all lie sprawled out across the air mattresses, and play card games, listen to music, tell jokes, until my Dad would come in from playing poker with his friends around the campfire, sometime past midnight. (Ash was more like my sister, and was really close to my brothers too). In the morning we would watch the sun start to peek through the nylon walls, eat some cookies, and watch a movie until it was light enough to go outside. Oh, those were the days. We had a 8 person tent, but it wasn't really meant for 8 people to actually MOVE. It was meant for them to lie side by side in sleeping bags. It was fine for a long time.
There were only 5 people inside. My Dad, Ash, Sam, Luke & I. And an occasional friend that would stop by. And we were fine.

Not that we spent our entire time in the tent. Heck no. It was just a cozy place to go at the end of the long nature filled days.

But now, alas. Ash isn't with us anymore. And my two little sisters have joined the equation.
And somehow, now the tent is crammed, and there is no way we can have friends over.
But this year, I really wanted to bring my friend Paige. I thought it would be a cool thing to do with her, and I've been camping with most of my other friends already. But, we might also have my friend Rachel (yeah, kind of like my previous quiz post). And we knows who my brothers will invite. So we were at Sam's Club the other day, and we ran across the 

It's made for 12 people, and it has a picture of 4 queen air beds fitting with space to go around.
It has a ceiling light, and a hinged door! OMG, it was love at first site!

Here are some pictures! Even if Paige can't make, or even Rachel, or if Sam doesn't have his friends there, it will still be awesome to have that MUCH needed extra space.

Yeah, only a TRUE dork would write a whole post about a tent!


  1. I used to love camping, and my family used to do it frequently. It kind of died out, but we might camp again this summer!! YEEAAHHH!!! love ur blog by the way!!!! <3

  2. Ooh! Ooh! I'm a total dork! I highly enjoyed the post on the tent. I want that tent now!!!! I do the same sort of camping with friends in a tent extravaganza on our HUGE fourth of July homeschool campout.
    I'm going to Sam's convince my parents to buy that tent!! Awesomeness!

  3. Sweet action! I'm going camping at the end of the month! Camping is the bomb!

  4. I LOVE camping! Only my parents don't because whenever they do, it rains :P So sometimes I go with my cousins. But not very often :( Jesus loves you! :)

  5. I've never gone camping. But the tent looks awesome!!!!!! And no, you're not a dork for writing about a tent...well, at least I think you aren't. :)!


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