Paige's lines, and my insane hobby

My Dad emailed me this picture awhile back, maybe February? It was taken from my deck last year. My Dad had bought his new iPhone, and was testing out his camera's long distance shots.
I don't know, but I loved how GREEN my yard looked. I mean, it was February. And I loved how we were all kind of doing our own thing. It just drips of summer, if that makes any sense.

The boy running down the path is Matt, who lives next door, the girl in the blue is my friend Paige, next to her in the light pink is Tay, and in the hot pink, yep, that's me, on the swing is Kev, and pushing him is my brother Luke.

So, I just thought I'd share that!

A few weeks ago, Paige emailed me a bit of comedy she'd been working on. Paige is well on her way to SNL. Of course, she is probably going to say no, and laugh it off, but it's true. OMG, so true. She has a great taste for anything funny, and the things she sends me always crack me up.
She always listens to my endless rants, which I find amazing. So, although I edited them a little, these lines are pretty much, 100% Paige's work, and are copy written 2009, by Paige W.

There’s a show called John and Kate plus Eight on TLC or something and everyone’s talking about it now cuz apparently John is cheating on Kate(oh the drama of reality T.V.) and I was like, if they get a divorce, it just turns into John minus Kate plus Eight OR John minus Kate plus a few kids here and there that add up to Eight? I mean, seriously, do these parents care if they are making their kids have SERIOUS addition and subtraction issues?

 -I was wondering if Thomas Beatty(the pregnant man) celebrates mother’s day or father’s day cuz I thought mother’s day was also having  respect for your mother who had to sit with you during pregnancy and labor and stuff. 
Technically he did go through it but he’s still the dad, right? (so confusing).

Comments very welcome. I email them to you, Paige. Thanks for being one of my maybe 8 friends who actually read my blog. 8 mores days till no more school, you can make it!

Gosh, I am a total nerd. Proof? I have been checking every few hours to track my brand spanking new camera. It's a Canon PowerShot SD780IS and it has 12.1 megapixel, a 3x optical zoom, and HIGH DEF video. I am so psyched. CANNOT wait until it comes in. Here is a picture of it:

Today, my adorable 10 year old cousin Anna, made a horrific discovery. 
She found out that those stupid forward things don't work. You know, send this to 10 of your friends in the next 15 minutes, and the love of your life will kiss you tomorrow? Yeah. 
Well, in the first place, I had to point out to her, that, at 10, you should be enjoying the "All Boys Have Cooties And Are Therefore Untouchable" stage, and not stressing over "The love of your life". Kids these days. *shakes head sadly* But what do I know? Maybe 5th grader's are dating now. After all, it HAS been 5 WHOLE ENTIRE years since I was 10. But personally, I think Tween girls are listening to WAY too much Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, and even Katy Perry and the Pussy Cat Dolls. What has happened to this country's innocence?

Counting the hours until my camera comes,
Jillian,  insane photographer girl, wannabe patient older cousin..... and friend of an up and coming comedian


  1. haha Paige is funny!
    zomg! i watched that John and Kate plus Eight show once and i HATE John and Kate! they're so annoying! x[
    congrats on your new camera! i hope it comes asap!

  2. Hey Hey! Dude, that camera is SWEET-er than peanut butter dipped in honey on top of a sugar cube in gum drop land. Seriously, there should be a warning, something like : WARNING: Brush teeth immediately after use to prevent premature tooth decay.


    HAHA! Your friend Paige is HILARIOUS! Kate + Eight-John=EPIC CABLE FAIL!

    Which is also equal to one Prozac a day. Just saying.

    O that poor darling. I remember the days when i put all my hopes and dreams in the hands of those email forwards. I sure have grown up a lot since yesterday. Hey, a day older is a day wiser. I'm prematurely wise. Just call me Queen of the Prematurely Wise Teens. On second thought, that's lame. Don't call me that.

  3. Yeah man, GOD is soo awesome! :) Great pic, I just love it! Ha, that's funny :) Noice camera choice :) like it tons Jesus is so awesome that He loves you! :) It's true!

  4. YOu have a lovely backyard. I appreaciate anything green and natural.
    I like the stuff about the pregnant man and Mother's Day. That was pretty funny. I feel bad for Jon and Kate. I mean, all Kate does is yell at the guy. No, that doesn't give him the right to cheat on her, but still. Now they'll have to split the kids between them if there's a divorce...those poor kids. Oh well, it's T.V.
    Good luck on the camera. And teen girls are listening too much to Miley Cyrus...then again, I'm partial.

  5. I hate those forwarded emails. Like seriously, I don't understand why people send them. Especially after I tell them not to send them to me.

    Remember when we were 10 and the big thing was boy bands? I dunno about you but I was friggin obsessed. With the Backstreet Boys especially, but I also loved Nsync. I had the HUGEST crush on Lance Bass.

    I wish John and Kate were a functional couple, but alas, the things TV and money do to people! We are all so corrupt it's disgusting.

    I like your summer picture, and the camera looks amazing!

  6. Hey thank you so much for your comment on my blog! It really made my day. Your blog is fair interesting too. I'll deffinatly have to follow it!

    I'm the same with amazon. I ordered dvd's of off it and I checked it all the time even at school until they acutally arrived!!!

  7. Oh and cool!! Do you knwo what part youre irish came form?? (that makes no sense what-so-ever) and dublin is cool but Limerick is better!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. this is so funny, and john and kate should either get a divorce or stop doing the tv show. thank you for your comment.


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