My own childlikeness amazes me :P

Okay, get this.
I went to the park yesterday.
Not the skatepark. The real deal playground kind of park.
And even more amazing yet is, I had fun.

It was really fun, just doing the monkey bars back and forth, and back and forth (ouch, my arms) swinging, watching my little sister play on the pony-spring-thingy. It just reminded me about how God says to have childlike faith, and what exactly that means. It means you believe everything. Like Santa (Opps!).

It wasn't my neighborhood park so it wasn't like I knew anyone......

Which reminds me!!! holy smokes! It's garage sale day!! HUGE thing in this neighborhood. People come from miles around to look at rich people's junk. Although, last year, my darling neighbor Patrick (darling is a joke, okay? he is 16, and as punk-rocker as punk rocker gets) and I raced to buy this sweet vintage drum set from one of our neighbors. Guess who won??
*pats bass drum lovingly* Moi.

well, bya!


  1. haha fun! i love going to playgrounds and stuff and remembering when i was little... makes me kinda nostalgic, but i still love it!
    and congrats on the drum set! haha go Jillian! good luck at this year's garage sale!

  2. I know. We may be growing up, but still its fun to go to a playground. Or the kiddie water park. Yes, my chaperone group played in the little kid part, and all these little kids were waiting behind us in line for the slide, and it was kinda embarrassing, but the lady operating the slide was nice about it. Oh, congrats on the drum set!

  3. Ha, parks are fun :) I don't go to them much and usually play basketball but when I'm with friends we play tag of some sort that involves the playground. We get a lot of weird looks from onlookers :P Good job on the drum race :P Hope you have fun this year :) Jesus loves you!


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