And she smiles..

There she sits, so confused. Hands are laid on the table.
Wrapped around that little key. And she politely  smiles back at me.
Through the tears. 
And she cries for all those years. 
And her face, it seems to lie.
 Cos of all she pain holds inside.
She's so young, and oh so pretty.
 All she wants to do is leave this city.
   When she falls, I hope I can catch her.
       Pick up all the pieces he left her.
       Hold her tight and let her cry.
       Convince her she is not gonna die.
     And she smiles, so so fake.
       Wondering what steps she has to take.
       And she smiles as she hits the bottom...
        All those days are long forgotten.
     So she smiles.....

This post entirely belongs to Jillian T. All rights are reserved. Steal it, and you will be punished. ;)
I know, I stink at poetry. I don't know if this is even called poetry, maybe song lyrics.
But, what do y'all think? Just trying to try something different.
Peace out,


  1. it's beautiful, Jillian!!
    you rock at poetry! don't beat yourself up. you're truly talented, girl!
    loved it, Jill! keep writing!

  2. it's great Jillian
    no sarcasm
    it really is great
    like LP said, keep writing

  3. YOU DO NOT STINK!! If my stuff is good yours is great!!!!!!!!
    Really cool Jules

  4. I liked it. Hey, what did you mean by what is up with me? Is it because I'm very ackward? I just didn't want to freak you out saying you have nice eyes. I know I shouldn't care, but I don't want people to think I'm a stalker. That would be weird. That is why I ended the post badly. Once again nice poem!

  5. Oooo! I likey the new blog format! Is likey a word? Who cares! It's pretty awesome.
    Did u really translate "Caterpillar"? I wish I could do that. I don't think I can do that now, and I've taken Spanish. Maybe I should try to do so...hmmm. A Challenge!

  6. hello it tis your personal editor :D
    i really really like the new layout. i specifically like the ripped page, its adds an extra touch of 'you-ness'. as for the changed name, hmmmmm, i personally prefer 'The View From My Window'. but overall, i approve! keep on writing and experimenting jills
    <3 char
    aka editor (lol)

  7. Hey I LOVE the poem/song lyrics/whatever. I liked it a lot.
    (formerlly known as ~H~)

  8. wow. i love the poem. its really beautiful.

    Love the new layout. where did you find it??


  9. thanks! :) i did make it, i used some photos off of photobucket, copied and pasted them into the paint program i downloaded online, then just added the text, it was pretty easy. :)

    i love your poem, it is so good, you do not stink at poetry! and i love your layout, its really awesome.

  10. wonderful blog.
    love the background.


  11. Hey um since I'm a follower it posts updates on my "dashboard" and on there it says you did another post (With my name in the title! Yay me!) but it doesn't show up on your blog. Why? And it had a picture of one of your dogs.

  12. worries Jill. I'm not offended or anything at all. Lol I didn't even mean the post was about me Haha! I just meant that my name was in the title...which it was. No problem! No need to try and "save yourself". (though I would like to read about your knitting adventures!)
    ~Purl~ (or the non-poodle Harmony!)

  13. That you sooo much! I love you! lol.
    I think I will follow you 2.

  14. dude your blog is totally awsome!!! it looks so professional lol :)
    4eva and alwayz

    and i love halloween tee-hee


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