Whoa, here I go...

WOW. Another year. It all goes by so fast. Another Spring gone by, full of camping trips, wiping mud from everything, grinning as I find a tiny bud, and watching snow melt; Another Summer gone by, full of pick up games at the park, days at the beach, and all that other fun stuff; Another Autumn went by, my Papa and Nana celebrated 50 years of marriage, my sisters turned their respective ages, and the all leaves fell, in a haze of vibrant color, and now it is winter, with still so man choices to make........
I was reading through my last years resolutions, and *gasp* most of them are done!!!
I made myself a simple rule: live radically. And somehow I managed to follow through.
And I am not even at the deadline! I have a rule, I set myself a later deadline, April 14.
Don't ask me why, because of the simple fact that I can not tell you. 
I think I finally truly am loving life.

My Nana was very sick most of this summer, but by the grace of God, she pulled through.
It was really something to think about, watching my Papa taking care of Nana. After all these years, they could have been married yesterday. In one memorable moment at the hospital, a doctor came out and found Papa asleep on the couch, next to Nana. "Mr. B, don't you ever go home?" The doctor asked, arousing him. My Papa is a farmer from the "Old Country" and slightly gruff, but totally adorable. Pounding the couch, he said in that faint Italian accent, 
"This is my home"!! Wow, profound, hmm?
Thank you God, that I came out of such love.
I praise you for everything in my life.
And I truly want to live my life to please you, and you alone, I don't care what they say.
And to everyone reading this, really, take the time to think.
Are you living every moment to it's fullest?
Just some food for thought.
Peace (nope Emma, i don't mind you using that!),

Oh, one last foot note!
A VERY Happy 14th Birthday to Mark Barlow !!!! 
Mark, I pray that God continues to bless the music in your soul. I am very happy to call you my friend.
LOL, now I can't say all those things about being SO much older than you.
C U in a few,


  1. That was a really good post! Tell Mark happy birthday for me, even though he has no clue who I am. LOL. That's so great that you're actually accomplishing what you set out to do.

    I'll be praying for you in this 2009!

    Love Ya,

  2. Good, he will know who is telling him happy birthday. LOL

    Does Mark use blogger?


  3. Hey, thanks for commenting and following my blogs. Great post. I'm going to try to live out my resolutions. I like the deadline idea. I'm praying for you!

  4. I like this post a lot , i am glad that most of your resolutions are done! =] the thing with his wife is something that i made up i don't know why it just came to mind, i didn't like even think about. I still wonder why his eyes were puffy. The story is just a guess and even though he offered to tell, i didn't want to know something told me that i shoudn't know , maybe if i see him again i'll ask. Nut i doubt i' ll ask i am too chicken to that.
    Well this comment is longer than expected. But the answers is no and i'll take your advice on being cautious about what i write.
    Thanx for the feed back and for following my blog. Ur great big Sis
    - Kira
    My Nick name =]

  5. A radical life is a good one, esspecially when Christ is in it.
    So what are your resolutions this year? - Bob


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