Rock Concert Worship......

Have you ever been to a concert?
A sports game?

Actually, even if you never have, you have probably have a good idea of what it's like from TV and such.

Do you know how hard they cheer? Do you know how wild they are? How they scream? Do you see a bunch of people worried about how they look to others? Heck no.

Now, with this picture in your mind, imagine how absolutely powerful praise and worship would be if we praised like we cheered? If everyone in church put that much energy into they're praise? I know one thing, it would be such a blessing.

Because, we as humans, are made to worship. Made, to adore. And if we don't have our focus centered, we end up worshiping things that become idols.
So, it's your choice.
Are you going to praise with all you've got?
Are you ready?
I am. I hope. I mean, it's something I've been aiming for in this new year.
 I have been to churches that have a small, quite worship service, during which everyone either sits, or stands solemnly.
Ladies, and Gentlemen, boys and girls; with all due respect, we are singing to our savior,  the son of God, who died, so that we could live. And I think, that if we can get so excited about a game, a band, we can definitely  get excited about eternal life.
Just some food for thought.
It's been on my mind for awhile.
BTW, my church website is It is a huge blessing to me, and my family.
Peace & Joy,


  1. well put.
    i so completely agree with you.
    i watch videos of the worship concerts hillsong United does, and every time there's something in me that says, this shouldn't be a special event, it is what "normal" worship should look like.

  2. That is so true! My church is good about that. We have such a great worship leader and it's so great to gather and worship God.


  3. Amen!! That's so tru. No one seems to understand that they're worshiping the God of the Universe that has saved you from death.. We all need to see that.

  4. Yeah I totally agree and if you do a band or a sports team you shoud definately be able to do it for God that what where made for anyways.


  5. AMEN. that was an amazing, and definitely inspiring blog. and thank you so much for that comment, it really did brighten my day :) Gods got a perfect man for both of us!!! & God really is good. Very good.

  6. So, you wanted a baptist feed-back? Well, I think worship is a broad subject and it doesn't always refer to singing, it can also be an act of humility, anything to put yourself last and the Lords will first. But since you narrow in on singing here, I think that's what you were refering to when you asked me what I thought about it. So here's all I know, as for music our church sings older sounding hymns and it's just been in the past few years that we've started singing some newer sounding songs of worship. Probably most Baptist churches aren't like that though. Our church stayed away from the newer songs for a while because it's made up of mostly older people and some have had "problems" with the more modern sounding songs. I think they tend to associate the newer sounding songs (faster tempo, drums, "distorted" treble toned electric guitars, bass guitar) with the content of what can be found in modern day secular music. I think if today's music wasn't so trashy, older people might be more open to it. I agree that the styles have changed greatly in the past 50 years but as long as it's uplifting the Lord and giving praise to him, I think there's no reason why we shouldn't sing any of today's newer songs. I don't believe we should sing anything screemo though. Personaly, my two guidlines for music are, "Is it worshiping the Lord and would God have it in His Ipod? The second standard may seem like a weird guideline, but for me, I think it works and I can definatly differentiate from the two kinds if I think about it in that way. I'll check out your church's website. Did I answer your question? - Bob

  7. Oh yeah, Great job on your post. The Comparison is very good. - Bob


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