Enter the Man Cave.....

I closed my eyes. Half way not believing where I was. I breathed in this odd smell of smoke, and peppermint. The room was warm, from all the bodies packed so close. I opened my eyes. People we're rapidly enter the small music club. Men, Women, girls, and boys. Old and young. Everyone was here. Somewhere in the dim room, a baby cried. It was a week before Christmas, so in the corner sat a tree, with multicolored lights. On the walls, there must have been a million band poster, and various guitar's from across the years. This was the legendary Man Cave. One of the most cool private music clubs in Chicagoland. And this was it. The moment. As the band set up, I adjusted my camera. I glanced over at the drink bar. They didn't serve Jamba Juice, trust me, I checked. 
Finally we were ready to start. 
The band was young and talented.
And I tried my best to capture the emotion in which this song  was played, onto film.
I was a night to remember for sure.

Next came the hours that I poured into editing, and creating the special touches that make live music video's so great.
It was all worth it in the end, for the proud look on my Dad's face when he watched it.
And the text message  from the guitarist: "Dang, The thing looks SO COOL".

This is why I love doing music videos.
God help me, this is my drive.


  1. You mentioned you'd have to hunt down that kind of awsome information (like the kind in my blog)(Thanks). But didn't you? How did you find me?

    I'm glad that you are up for the Bible reading challenge, again. I thought about how you expressed it "I don't want my Bible reading to fall through the cracks of my life." That's a very good way to put it. As though the Bible is where your heart is (the path) and every other activity in your life is(the cracks). I don't mean to make it sound like everything else in this life is a hinderace, but that's a good illustration of your priorities.

    I think that you will enjoy Expelled very much. Ben Stein has a very unique style of humor. The movie is more like a show though and supplies an abundace of information. So it's not the kind of movie that you would watch time and time again. Well, by now you've probably already seen it so, I hope you've learned alot. Happy "Brand Spanking New" Year :) - Bob

  2. Oh, sorry, I can change my blog template if you want me too. And ya, I love the Shadow Children series. I read all the books. And you really think my story's good?? I just got bored one day, lol.

  3. Now I see. Your comment was intersesting. - Bob

  4. Ack! Change your font color! I can't read it! I like the background, but it doesn't work if I can't read the blog!

  5. I love ur Blog, Love ur writing, and i have always wanted a big sis =]. I guess i just need someone to believe in me. i will try my best to keep writing but i can't promise anything.
    Thanks again
    and cool Blog
    really love it. =]


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