Prince Caspian

Has anyone seen this movie?
I saw it once, in May, the day it came out.
But my brother just bought the movie, and the movie companion book; and he has watched it near 100 times in the past week.

Personly, I liked "The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe" better.

But this one was okay.
I was crying at the end when Susan (Anna Popplewell) was kissing Caspian (Ben Barnes). Shhh! Don't tell. It was a good movie.

Your thoughts?

Posted by ShoZu


  1. very good movie, i particularly enjoyed the end with the was soo sad :(
    but overall i loved it.

  2. I liked the movie. I was a bit confused with all the kings and murder. But i like the lion the witch and the wardrobe better too. It was less of a dark story and had more fun happy scenes!

  3. I love the movie and the book..

    New Zealand is mostly beachs, we have as much coast line as Amercia but we are half the size of NEw York.

    I hate swimming in the sea. I like paddling, and I do love to swim where there are no waves.. I'm not a surfer!

  4. Hey, I wrote a review on this movie and included the same image you have here. I thought it was very good. Good special effects, good characters, good morals. It has way more battle scenes too. - Bob

  5. yeah, i will leave my corrections for you. normally if i do see errors, i try not to point them out bc people seem to take it the wrong way. but deffinately i will leave you my corrections, revisions, and suggestions. and i am glad that you enjoy my constructive criticism, bc thats what it is, its not me trying to be rude or show off, it just truly what i think, and i wont hesitate to tell you the truth.
    ttyl <3

  6. I LOVE that movie it's
    the best movie of 2008
    Way better then the frist one.
    But there's a lot more War seens
    Thoue for better I think

  7. i loved that movie!!!!!
    he was sooo hot!!!
    idk why susan didnt stay, who cares about yur family when u coyuld live w/ him???



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