Some quick things before I fall asleep, All bloggers (that means you) listen up!...

Okay, LOL.
This week was so busy!
Today alone I recieved a grand total of 45 emails, that all need to be properly responded to, oh goody.
But really I like email.

Okay, I was thinking that a few posts from now (I have a few already planned out) I might do a post reviewing some other people's blogs (nicely, I'm just going to tell the gist of them, the themes and such), then I was going to link them.

Originally I thought I'd just do all my followers. But, then, on second thought, I thought I'd better ask permission (copyrights, etc.).

If any of you, my dear followers, wouldn't mind your blog reviewed and linked, please express this either through email, or comments.

On second thought, commenting is probably better, seeing as then I have a link to your blog's.

Lastly, I've been thinking about changing my blog's name, what do you think? I think it could be more creative.

Peace people!
Jillian, The dreamer

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  1. you can do my blog if you want.! it's not really that interesting but if you use your power over words you can make it sound like it is! And i like your blog name. It's simple, but also mysterious, real and honest. like Florida Orange Juice. And who doesn't love orange juice?

  2. Hey,
    I do not mind you using my blog at all!!

  3. You can use mine if you want.

    What names were you thinking of?


  4. feel free to use my blog, thats fine.
    about your title, i like it, so i vote no in changing it.

  5. Hi ur blog looks cool. I thin kI will follow you. Check out my blog next time you have free time.

  6. I would appreciate a review of my blog -- but only if it is a good review.

    I personally like the name of your blog.

  7. i under stand the subject is controversial no worries and for got to tell u i like the name its pretty good if u ask me

  8. Sure, you can link to me if you want. Thanks alot for your feedback on my post about "pastor" Russel. - Bob


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