Saving Asher....

I've been thinking of writing a book.
I know this sounds funny. 
But I really have been.
I started the rough draft awhile ago.
So, well, tell me if it's worth finishing (Honestly), here is the description, kind of what would be on the inside cover, it's called Saving Asher:

Okay. It's set at a camping trip. Well, not an ordinary camping trip. See, it actually was supposed to be cancelled, because it was raining, but at the last momment, the clouds broke, and everyone decides to go. 
But at the beginning of the story, it finds 14-year-old Haven Gray really ticked about it. Haven and her brother Trevor, fighting with everything they have to make it happen. And their older sister Fallon, very upset that she isn't going, because of an overload of school work.

Well, with a lot of prayer, and an awesome Dad, they end up going. But there is something different about this trip. The fact that it is a perfect state of happiness. Havens bff Autumn is there, and this is the first time they have revisted the place where they met, 6 years ago. Her cousin Josh is also there, with his best friend Connor. Haven also discovers this amazing mountain, all by herself one late night, which she carelessly names Asher, never questioning it till months later. Asher was tge essence of fear, and happiness, it was scary, and beautiful, all in one. And sitting there that night, Haven felt so free. 
 Everyone there is in a state of pure bliss. It's so fun. Haven meets new friends, and has fun with the older ones. True, her Mom isn't there, since it's a "Dads Only" trip. And her very best friend, 16 year old sister Fallon was at home, studying for her exams. But other than that it was perfect. 
Well, anyways. 
After the trip, everyone gets home, and finds their lives as they knew it, have fallen apart. Haven's house has burned down, and she's lost her oldest sister, Fallon in the fire. Luckily her Mom survived. But Haven feels shattered in the deepest way. 
Autumn has just found out that her parents are getting a divorce, something the 9th grader has susspected for the longest time. 
Nevertheless, even tho it's not a huge surprise, it's a huge hurt. Autumn also finds out that her Mom is getting full custody, and has plans to move away. Insisting that it's the best way to "get over it", Autumn's Mom blocks contact with Haven. 
Connor comes home to a moving van parked outside his ridiculously large house on Blue Jay Lane. Ridiculous as it may have seemed at first, this house was the one place he truly called home. Connor was born in London to an American bigshot trader, and a British lawyer, raised in France, came to the states when he was 7, and had lives in several places across the country. But this was HOME to him. He ran in the door, and saw his Dad standing there with Connor's Bass in one hand, and his amp in the other. "But Dad! You promised me! Where to this time?" Timbuktu?" "No son, China". Conner's jaw dropped.
Josh comes home and gets the results from his doctor about a certain "small" concern, andfinds out he may never play sports again.... 
Slowly, as everyone heals. They start to wonder, if they could ever remake that day. To all be together again would be a miracle in itself, forget happily ever after.... 
But what if?..... 

I think I need to improve it a lot, like I said, it's rough draft. If you has any suggestions, feel free to express them.

I am sorry my last post was so lame,
I was really busy, and I just wanted to post something. Nothing is better than something sometimes, though, I guess. My apologies,


  1. Hey Jillian =]
    If this is the inside cover its a little too long. I do like what the story is about though. You do tell a little bit to much if its the inside cover. It should be short leaving a reader intrigued. But its a rough draft so no worries. Writing a book is harder than u think, well than i thought well i have been a writing a book ( separate from my blog) Maybe I'll write a " Inside cover " and then u could give me some Feed back. YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY KEEP WRITING.

  2. thanks much 4 following my blog urs is kewl too

  3. if you want to do it, go for it.
    get your first draft done, and then find a few people you trust who will give you a honest opinion, and let them read the draft.
    get their opinions and wait a couple months, so when you come back to it for the first edit you have a fresh view of it.

    i've found writing is different for each person, for some it's easy and enjoyable, for others it's really hard.
    but no matter what, if you love it, then do it.

    and the best piece of advice i can give, is to keep God involved in the process, He is the source of all creativity, and with His help you'll do great things.

  4. Sounds like it has the potential to be a really good, complex, make-you-wonder book! However, I agree with Kira, this information should not be an advertisement or inside cover for your book, because then people wouldn't read it because they knew what they would have.

  5. I think that could be really cool. It has all the twists. And if it doesn't get published at least post it here because I would love to read it. :) -Ada

  6. WOW its like u understood everything i was saying! thanx 4 coming to my blog again, and im really glad u share the same thoughts as me..
    than again

  7. lol
    lol do u like Zelda to?

  8. You have a car!! That is so awesome, I love cars, exspecially vintage ones, and Morris Minors.
    I can't wait till my birthday, (two years away (I'll be 15) and I will defiantly try for my license on the day!

    In Austraila it is actually different in every state, I think in Queens Land it is 17!
    Here in New Zealand it is 15, and I think that is mostly beause our public transport is really bad, and we also have a lot of country "kids" so they REALLY need their license early

    I love the name Jaci to!).

  9. that sounds like a good book. why don't you write it?

  10. i think it is good but it is a long summary of the story. I would definitely read the book if you finish it though!! You should include them going back to her mountian (unless u already added that =D)

  11. ok..
    i think its neat that you're experimenting with writing, but honestly i think its very confusing. i dont really understand whats going on. and im not trying to be mean or put you down, this is just my opinion. but i think that what it needs is a central focus.. to me there seems to be too many veins of different stories and it doesnt have a clear focus. so thats just what i think.


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