My Skating Story

I Always loved the idea of skateboarding.
That total, "Let's go defy gravity" thing.
It was something I always wanted to do.
But it wasn't until I was in 8th grade, that I started.
My brother got a board. Lu was really good at it.
We live in a very vertical neighborhood, so carving was one of the first things we learned. Not surprising, the very first thing that I learned, was how to fall. Yes, That came before carving.

At first it seemed like a miracle to actually stay on the board,
but then, I got used to it. It became second nature. At least the staying on the board part.

I am trying not to put you all to sleep!

Then, I went to a board shop and bought the lovely skateboard pictured above. It was exciting. But I had one problem. When ever I tried to leave the ground, I would come crashing down.

Then we went on vacation. 
I really really wanted to check out the local skate park. I had heard that it was one of the best. So my family agreed to take me (thankyouthankyouthankyou).
As we pulled up...

To be continued (do you guys think it should be continued, or am I boring y'all?)...


  1. You should definitely continue, you are so not boring, and chicagoans the frays do rock and so does your blog. I like it totally continue!
    I don't mind the question
    Well technically i am catholic when i was little i was baptized but i say i am christian because that is what i want to convert to
    why the question though

  2. awh thats a cool story!! :) and yeah you can totally follow my blog! im glad you like it!! Well, im not advanced at all. Hahh a college nearby has a high school in it. Its like a way to do high school differently. Theres only 120 kids in total, only junior and seniors. But you take college classes for high school and college credit, so thats maybe why you think its ahead? Its just the way the high school works I guess. But yes, allergies are very very bothersome. Hahah God Bless :)


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