My Skating story: Part two

So, as we pulled up, into the parking lot of one of the coolest skate parks around. "Wow! Look at those guys go!!" Said my little sister, Trin. 
"Uh-oh, they look like they know what they're doing," I moaned sullenly, as I grabbed my board from the trunk of the car. "Jillian, you just go out there and do your best, remember, they started once too," said my Mother, ever helpful. I saluted her, sort of as a joke, and headed slowly toward the skate park.

 There was 4 of them, all between the ages of 10 and 15. I was sort of nervous as I skated around the floor of the park. I was surprised at how smooth it felt; sort of like ice skating on cement. I looked at the clear blue sky, and said a silent prayer. "God, please don't make me look like an idiot!" I mean, I was terrified. I have since conquered the fear of men. 

So, slowly I inched toward the smallest ramp.
"Hey!" Yelled one of the guys. I sighed, closed my eyes for a second, then turned around. "What's up?" I responded. He was the leader. I can always tell the leader of the a group. He was tall, blond, with your typical skater look. 
"Can we see your board?" said a young kid, with a immense mop of curly black hair.
 I hesitated. I wasn't quite sure I trusted these guys. I was really thinking hard.

"We won't steal it" said a kind looking boy, around 13. He had longish dark blond hair, that reached to his shoulders, and a reassuring smile, and soft eyes.

"Sure, I guess" I said. I guess I believed him.
"Pass it up" said the leader boy.
"I TOLD you it was a Habitat, Nick! Why don't you EVER listen to me!!!" Said the 4th boy, a tan, stout boy of around 10.

"Nice setup" said nice boy.
"Want to trade?" said leader.
"Wanna see me skate, I'm sponsored," said curly kid, proudly.
"I want to keep my board, but I'd love to see you skate" I was really relieved.
"What are your names?" I asked.
"Nick" said leader boy.
"Hunter" said the tan boy.
"Kyle" said curly boy.
"Ben" said nice boy.
"I am Jillian" said the girl that was going to learn a thing or to about judging people.

"Hey, we don't have a lot to do today, and we've been through the ramps several times already, maybe you could show us what you've got," said Nick.

"Um...I...*gulp* am just starting now... so I'm not too good" I admitted. 

"We could teach you" suggested Ben.

"Yes" said my Mother, coming up, "could you maybe show her what you're doing."

My Mother made some business deals with them, and I had my own skating session.

Originally, Nick was my teacher. 
Nick is a very talented skater, you could see that by just watching him.
He could talk a lot too. Talking doesn't necessarily make you a good teacher, I've found though.
Nick was nice, but he lacked the ability to break things down, and start at the way beginning.
Example: He took me up to this huge ramp. Well actually the one I ended up on was bigger, but less steep. This one was rounded, with no flat place on top to  drop in from. I was freaked out on my skin.
Ben: "NICK! Just because you can do it, doesn't mean she can!!"
Me:(finally, a way out) "Yeah, what do you suggest Ben?"

Ben took me over, and explained the basics. He showed me how to ollie. Although I didn't fully get that until months later. He showed me how to do a small ramp, without falling. My Father suggested I do it 100 times, before moving on, so I did.
Then I moved on to a real biggie. It was very tall, but not so steep. They all stood up there, encouraging me. Ben showed me where to place my feet, and how to lean into it. And Nick showed me how to run out of it if I lost control. I can't say I didn't wipe out a few times, because that would be lying; and I strive not to lie.

And now, a few months later, I've been teaching my friends the same things that they taught me that late August day.

And I also came out of there with something more than skateboarding tips. (ahh, you guys really thought you were getting out of this one with no moral? Think again!) I didn't admit it then, but I am admitting it now. I judged them. I thought they were punks at first. But, they weren't. They were nice. ANd I pray that I will never judge people on their appearance again. I think we all have from time to time. Whether it was how they dressed, or how they looked, or how they acted.
I think we should all give people a second chance, how about you?

And one last note about skating. The Bible says that what ever we do, we should do it with our WHOLE hearts. So I will continue to skate for God's glory. And to know that if it weren't for him, I wouldn't b able to raise a finger, let alone skate.
To God be all the glory!

With special thanks to Ben, Nick, Hunter, and Kyle! Wherever you are! (I can't believe I didn't get your email addresses!) But thanks a million! I know you will most likely never read this, but for the sake of good Ol' Justin Case. I'm trying to make you all proud,LOL.
Comments? Love 'em!


  1. WOW that's a story, love the way you write, the detail is cool. I liked how you describe the guys hair, its easier to picture them in your mind. I love your writing never quit =].
    Like getting comments from readers too.
    I started my blog a couple weeks back and it took awhile to get use to great job though.
    I don't mind talking bout Jesus
    so if i do have question i wont hesitate to ask thanks =]
    Tell people about my blog
    i am telling my mentor about yours
    and some friend =] i just loved it!
    shes the reason i started blogging!

  2. my story is sorda based on real life cuse i used to cut myself
    and yes i know Jesus im a Christian, thanx for being so kind!!

  3. That was really good. I had a clear picture in my mind of everything you were describing.
    Great moral too. Happy Birthday? - Bob

  4. That was really good. You never told me that story before. That's such a cool way to learn.


  5. alright..
    i like this story, i like that it was based on things that happened to you. i think that you delivered it relatively well for an experimenter. you have some grammatical errors but the overall content is good. your descriptions are good, and the way write makes the story more relatable to others. overall it was pretty well written.
    im an editor for a newsletter so i look at sentence structure, spelling, and grammar alot..its like 2nd nature..


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