School Morning

(actual picture taken on the way to school)
Roll out of bed to the sound of Relient k.
Groan. Shake my hair out. 
Open my eyes. Walk to my dresser.
Look in the mirror. 
Tan, square face. Straight jawline. Blonde streaked brown hair.
Deep eyes. I'm still here.
Comb my hair while I run into my brother and sister's room.
"If you want to have breakfast, better hurry"
I whisper. Open the blinds.
Stalk to the bathroom. Brush my teeth.
Go through 50 options before deciding what to wear.
Wake the dog up. Noises are starting. Take care of the dog.
Everyone downstairs, Mom has breakfast.
Grab our bags and water bottles pile in the mini van.
Check my email.
Mom is in.
The garage door closes. 
Praying for each green light on the way there.
18 minutes to school, and first period starts at 8:00.
Morning traffic. Sun is rising.
Get there, pile out, head to class.


  1. If only my life was so routine. I might die.

  2. wow i would die if i had to get up that early. haha i'm home schooled.
    i start up after labor day weekend i think. :]

  3. I am really nervous. High school starts Monday. :|

  4. Thanks for the comment.

    I just had to say that I love your new default photo. The lighting is so dramatic. It's really gorgeous.

  5. I have the same routine, just add a shower in the morning. Oh, and subtract about an hour [I wake up at 5:30, and first period's at 7:25]. :/

    Love the picture, too. :]

    AND THANK YOU FOR THE MENTION! That made my entire week. :D

  6. Gotta say, I love the fact you listen to Relient K in the morning, I usually do the same, blast some in my ears as I head to school, and hum it throughout the day

  7. Damn, that's so early.
    I'm usually a routine kind of girl too.

  8. That's one thing I'm excited about school starting, the routine. My summers are so scattered and random, and so when I can throw myself into school it's a lot of... relief.

    I only have to get up that early a few times a week.
    Usually I'm up at 7:30ish. I take classes at a academy for homeschool students.

    Thanks Melissa. I was really happy how it turned out too.

    Macky, that's cool that we have practically the same routine. I used to try to shower in the morning too, but I'd end up having to run out with it wet or unstyled so I decided I'd shower before bed.

    Relient k is the best. We tried blasting metal, but my Mom got ticked.

    I still need to get better at it, I'm always running here and there at the last minute.

  9. Love this post! Simple, and beautifullllly written. I haven't commented for much too long! I love your posts though :)


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