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and the second part here: Sarcastic Spastic)

"You will be safe here, as long as you don't make too much noise. We don't want anyone who may be lurking around to hear you."
"Wait, who's lurking around?" Gretel asked. Although she was the bravest of the bunch, she was getting a little frightened.
"Oh, I'm not trying to scare you. All I'm saying is be safe. You never know what could happen out here." With that, the father left his kids and began his journey home.
"You be safe, too!" Gretel yelled after her father. "We love you, Daddy!"
"Well, what do we do now?" Hanzel asked. 

"I'm not exactly sure" said Gretel, rhythmically chewing her gum; the way she always did when she was nervous. Just then, the wind started howling through the trees, giving the teens an uneasy feeling deep in their stomachs. Hanzel shrugged.
"I guess the only thing to do would be to wait". Hanzel proceded to plop down next to a tree, and slowly unravel his iPod from his pocket. Gretel joined him, squatting down and drawing things in the dirt with a thin stick. "You know, things haven't been the same since Mum died, have they Hanz?" Gretel said thoughtfully. "No, they haven't" said Hanzel shortly. "Our Step-mum is almost unbearable, and that Olaf, well, he HAS to go," Gretel continued. "I know, although, I wouldn't be surprised if Dad and Olaf never came back" Hanzel said under his breath. Gretel looked up, a stunned look in her jade green eyes. "Is that why you insisted upon leaving those crumbs? That makes sense now. I didn't get it. Oh, wow. What do you think we should do?"  I say we wait two hours, if they're not back by then, they are not coming back," Hanzel said slowly, "Then, I guess we'll try that path over there" He continued to point at a barely visible path, that was basically a break in the underbrush. "Okay, deal".
They waited. And waited. The wind blew. The birds twittered (they actually have nice computers, and busy lives to tweet about). They sky grew darker, and more ominous.
It drizzled. And that's when it was time for them to go. They set off slowly down the rocky trail, with no clue as to what lies ahead.........

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  1. That's pretty cool, a modernized version of Hansel and Gretel :) Jesus loves you!

  2. LOL...twittering birds. Good job with the story.


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