I would like to excitedly announce my newest project! (sorry that I've been gone, I am back)

Heya! It's Jillian. Risen from the black abyss of bloggers, who aren't blogging. But, 
I'm back! And hopefully for good. I have an announcement to make, but you'll just have to wait till the end of this post 
(I love keeping people in suspense, don't you? But, at the same time, I realize you can scroll down and read it if you want, aww shucks. I'll keep it short and sweet).

First off, if you click on "about us" that isn't me, that is just something the developer pre-loaded into the layout. I need to hack into there, and edit the HTML script, but not now, at 5:15 am. 

Today I'm going to breakfast with my family!! Did I mention how MUCH I LOVE ma famille??  Well, a bunch. I have 2 brothers, and 2 sisters, and exactly 14 and a half (the baby is still under construction, so to speak) cousins, and 9 adopted cousins, whom I love as well, although there is one of them that I never met.
Well, anyhow, we are having a family reunion, (not today, not at the best breakfast place in the states. Okay, Illinois). But it's only going to be with my Dad's family, which are the 14 and a half cousins, of which I rank 2nd. CAN YOU IMAGINE? Two beach houses, 2 jet skis, I speed boat, I pontoon boat, 14 kids, 4 days?????? I think Mike is bringing his guitar, and asked me to bring mine, but I am SOOO not going there. There will be PLENTY of noise w/o us having a rock concert.

I have been tweeting up a storm though. Twitter is underrated I think. Micro-blogging rox my world. (As does, say Jesus, my family, my friends (esp. Emma, Paige, Emily, and Bryan, who have been wonderful lately),the sound of bass guitar, driver's ed, watching Harmony swim, riding ramps on my skateboard, and playing piano, so yeah).

There is this California boy that moved onto the corner where I live back in 2007. Don't make this sound wrong, I don't like him, or anything. It's just weird, because he is my age, 15, and I know this for a fact, and he is rather short (I know, I am one to speak, at barely 5'2". Sometimes I lie about my height, and say I'm 5'3", but I'm not. But he IS SHORT. Not that I dislike short people, but his 16 year old sister is so tall, so it's really weird), and has blue eyes, and plays lacrosse, and is only a freshman, even though he is the aforementioned age of 15. Well, anyways, he and his friends always creep me out, because whenever I skate past his house, they sort of stop what they are doing and watch me dumbfounded, like they have never seen a girl skateboard before. It's really immature, and sexist,  and dumb. I stopped looking at them when I pass. It's annoying. At least they aren't giving me a hard time though.

Have you ever had one of those days when you hate your body? This is more of a girl thing, so if you guys want to, you can skip this. My sister Trin is adorably super tall (my Mum says too tall) supper twiggy, super cute girl, with this super cute little nose. I swear, I wish I wasn't that way I am every time I see her. I know it's wrong. But I am short. And I am what people call "curvy" even though I hate that word. What brings this up, is that we were looking at a "dress for your body type" book, and we were trying to classify each other. Turns out I also have a "square face". And she has a "Heart-shaped face" which is unfair. And then we were looking at the body types, and she's like: "You're that one" pointing at a lady with an hourglass shape, and I read the subtitle "You have the body every woman wants" and I'm like no way. So, yeah, it's one of those days. Dear God, help me accept who you made me!

So, no longer will I be having to post "paige-ism's" here, they will all go to that special blog. 
It really is her blog, but I'm helping. I love they layout we're using. You should really check it out. It's way different from what other blogs look like, and I love it. It's devoted to comedy too! So I hope you all will check it out, at least for my sake. I'm sure you'll love it. READ IT HERE!



  1. That's a nice new wallpaper! :-D

  2. i totally have body-hating days! i hate how lanky i am... and i really wish i could have a different shaped face... wah!! :'(
    yeah, i follow your new blog! cuz LP loves Jillian! :D

    friends on every social network!

  3. Don't hate your body. As creepy as this sounds, every guy wants girls to have a curvy hourglass figure. Yeah, that was pretty creepy...oh well. Everyone is beautiful in his and her own way, so I wouldn't fret if you think your physical beauty is sub-par, because it's what's on the inside that counts. Besides, I'm sure your pretty and you just don't see it yet.

  4. Welcome back :) I try not to base my friendships on the way the person looks, but on how they act and what their motivations and priorities are. But even though a lot of people comment on how skinny I am I can still think of myself as a little fat :P pretty darn stupid. Hey, I'm going to a family reunion pretty soon too :) in a couple weeks at a camp somewhere in Michigan. Sounds like we'll have about the same sized reunion. It'll be for about a week in a large lodge by a lake so we can do whatever there :) I haven't been there for 4 years though! I wonder what my 2nd cousins will be like now that they've grown up and should be in their older teens. Could be the best part of the summer or the worst part or an okay part. Wonder what GOD has for me :) Have fun when you go! Jesus loves you! :)

  5. Oh, yes I do follow anonymously. I do that for a few blogs but I can follow publicly if you want :) It'd be pretty cool if I magically knew exactly when people posted :) pretty awesome Have fun!

  6. i have body hating days, when i exercise a ton. i have a twitter I think, but not alot of my friends actually that good on internet stuff... anyway, welcome back to writing, and i just came back too so you should check out my blog http://heartswishwell.blogspot.com

    oh p.s I have a huge family reunion next summer in canada, and i haven't met half of them so far. And the other half are mostly people who i don't remember meeting :( but I'm glad you are excited (mostly) about meeting up with your cousins

  7. Of course you count!Thanks!
    One person down! yay!
    I will be sending you an email when I got all the peeps I can get so we can start the video...this is SO exciting...and of course u can invite ppl to help too if u like they would be a good member of this crew!
    Email me if u decide to invite someone else I will be so glad...
    We need all the help we can get!

  8. Will do sis :) Thanks, I didn't ever think it'd get this far :) Jesus loves you!

  9. Hey-ya! Thanx for your comment, and you're in my prayers :)


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