The sky is falling

So, I have been sick. Yes, me. Sick. I almost never get sick. I am the most hardcore, non-sick-getting person you'll ever meet. And I still got sick.

I've been sick for a week, and I know you guys are asking why I haven't posted. But when your that sick, your first thoughts aren't, "Gee, I think I should post on my blog!", they are "Are you all so sure I'm not dying?" so you get my point.

Well, my Mom did cancel my piano lessons this week cos I didn't practice (how could I?), so that's a relief. Not that I hate piano, I love it. It's just that I still have a cough that can wake the dead, and haven't done my piano theory homework. Enough complaining though.

I love this icon I have on here. I found it on LP's Flickr account FYI, just so she gets the credit.
Just in case any of you don't know her, she has a blog called Random Chronicles Of Lily-Pagan
that I follow. So, yeah, that was a link.

Well, if any of you didn't know, my bff turned 14!!!!!!!! Yes!! Emma is now 14!!!!
No, it's not to late to wish her a happy birthday on her blog. So if you get a chance, do that.
Now, we are that same age for 7 more days, then I turn 15, like a most of my other bff's. 

Which reminds me of Paige.

I got another email from her today, which is as exciting as it always is. I don't know why exactly, but it is. When I write emails to anyone else, they are always, different somehow.
We write them like we're writing magazines somewhat. A vast variety of topics, all looped together into one huge, hilarious, report on the conditions of our different orbits. It's a lot of fun. 

But it's also funny,  cos I write so much differently with my various friends. 

Like with Michael, we just talk about what's up in our lives; baseball games; piano recitals; etc.

With Emma, I talk about EVERYTHING, and I'm not necessarily talking deep things either; from what are sibs are doing to us, what we feel like at the moment, whims mostly, and a lot of deep stuff too.

With my brother, I just email him short little things, cos he likes it when I do, but I always tell him I prefer to talk to him, cos I really would.

But with Paige, I write these mega-long editorial things once a week. It's a highlight.

I've known Paige a while. Actually, more, I've known of Paige for a while. It's a little different.
Someday, I'll have to tell that story.

I was thinking about this story, that was actually kind of funny. My brother Luke reminded me about it. He wasn't there, but he remembered. So, I like telling stories, and I think you guys like listening, so here it goes:

We were at my Grandparents beach house. I have gone up there ever summer since I've been alive, saving my 13th. I love it there. It has this smell that words can't describe. Fresh air, water, clothing softener,  and amazing food. Nothing like that smell.

 We were at the point (where the water is, in case you don't get nautical terms)
 with some friends we made up there.

 I know for a fact that my cousins don't really bother making friends up there, but it's something I like doing. 

We usually stay friends in sibling pairs. Sam (my 13 year old brother) & Jillian, Dustin & Morgan, Zack & Whitney. It's just the way we do it. Let's see, now Zack is 16 (or he will be this summer), Dustin is 15, I'm (going to be) 15, Whitney is 14, Morgan is 13, and so is Sam. 
So it all works out. 

On this day though, it was just Morgan and I sunbathing on my Grandpa's trampoline that he had put about 8 yards out, and it was fun to swim out to. Dustin & Sam were playing some heated card game, and more than once I had heard Dustin call Sam a "SNEAKER". Dustin is a character .

Well, this boy comes up in a kayak, which isn't totally insane, (we were on a lake, remember?)
but it doesn't happen a lot. So Morgan kind of peeked over the top of the raft, and then rolled over and whispered: "That nerd is watching us" to which I stuck my head up also. So he just sat there, watching us, and we were watching him. 
After awhile, he called out "Must be fun up there" and Morgan and I were like "Yeeeaaaahh"
Then he was like "I wish I had a trampoline" and we're still like "Yeeeaaahhh"
"I would jump on it" and still we said "Yeaaah" although it was more of a "Yeaaah?"
"Is it bouncy?" "Mmmmhhhmmmm" (Never talk to girls while they are in sun tan mode).
Finally, I knew he wasn't going to let me off the hook, so I said: "Do you want to come on it?"
And he said he would go ask his Mom. When he was out of sight, Morgan and I dived off, and headed for shore. Cos if he wanted to "play", he could "play". He never showed up, but it was awfully funny telling the story.

Which reminds me of Dustin. Dustin and I, well, jeez, how should I put this? I don't know how, so I'm just going to leave it at Dustin is insane, has long blonde hair, and drives me nuts, seriously nuts. OK, stop it with my summer stuff.

What are y'all doing for Easter? I am going to Michael's!!!! That's right, my cousin. I love seeing my cousins! They really do rock. That's on Saturday~ then on Sunday we're going to church and brunch with my Mom's family. I don't have any cousins from my Mom's side, but she still has a cool family anyhow. WHAT ARE YOU DOING???

Okay, something I've noticed that has been making me ticked off is:
some bloggers, all of them use Pyzam templates (if that has any relevance) will not allow me to comment, which makes me feel sad, cos then they don't know I read their blogs. Here is a short list, although there are probably more:
Devin Caster
it goes on. SO PLEASE fix this!!

I love y'all, peace!


  1. hey jillian!
    you always comment on me so i thought i'd be nice and comment on you!
    thanks so much for the link! and i'm glad you like my icon! that's def one of my favs, too!
    lol i like that "cough that could wake the dead!" that's an awesome expression!
    well, i hope you feel better soon! ttfn!
    ~LP <321

  2. I hope you feel absolutely better soon!! i was sick through the WHOLE SPRING BREAK and I am STILL coughing xD I think it might be going around my school now too. I had a sore throat ahigh fever. Best Of Luck!!

    that is cool about the "magazine" thing you have going on, i actuallly just tried to start a newsletter type thing with my friends on g-mail, but it isn't that "deep"

  3. Hi, just proving i'm a follower (anonymously). So, I left Em a birthday messsage, which basically was "Happy Birthday" written out. Idk her all that well (can you do that, use Idk to begin a senctence) so I went with something, umm, traditional. I'm a little sick, but I have a reoccuring cold thing that I can't get rid of. I hope you get better (Chicken soup is your friend!). So, yeah. Peace!


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