(This is rather funny, depending on how you look at it) A tale in the life of a soccer captain

Okay, it was a breezy late spring day, and I was running at breakneck down the long hallway. My house has these amazing hallways, they are just gorgeous, and perfect for running through; but that is totally besides the point. I pulled out my cell phone, and checked the time, 3:25. I sighed, set my cell on the island; and sat down on one of the bar stools in my kitchen, and as fast as I could, tied my cleats. I hated being late for soccer. My Mom ran in from the garage, punching something into her iPhone. 

"Come on Jillian, we're going to be late!" I grabbed my North Face  gear bag, and rushed out the door, to my Mom's mini van. I waved to my friend Paige, who was walking by; dropped my bag into the trunk, and practically fell into the passenger seat, in record time. The radio was blaring 33 Miles, one of her favorite bands. I started doodling in my turquoise notebook, as my Mom pulled out of the neighborhood. 

 My brother Sam, who is 13, was sitting in the back seat, listening to his iPod, and my sister Nica read a book silently.
 I was on edge, of course. I am the captain of our Co-Ed (and by Co-Ed, it basically meant my friend's Evah ((pronounced Ev; as in Evan; uh)), Hanna, and Onica, and myself. The rest of the team we're all guys) soccer team, and I really liked being there a few minutes before practice.

As we got near the field, I was wishing so hard that Sam hadn't forgotten to go to the bathroom, cos I knew I would probably get convinced to go with him. Call it irony, but our soccer field was across from an insane asylum, and the park had somehow over looked the restroom option; and more than a few time, my friends and I had trekked across the street at half time, to use the facilities. It was quite, well, insane, and it always felt as if we were doing something wrong.
But today, luckily, we had no such problem.

Sam & I rushed out of the car, ran around to the other side, kissed my Mom on the cheek, and told her I thought it was going to turn out to be more of a 6 o'clock pick up, cos playoffs we're coming.

As I turned away, my sister Nica banged on the window, and shot my the "Love" sign. I gave it back.

Then I grinned and raced over to my friend Misha, who was waiting by the gazebo.

"Your late, Captain" He grinned, that huge grin.
"Aw, shucks! You have NO idea what it's like" I wailed.
"Let's go" He gestured to where the rest were already warming up.

Sam had gone ahead, and was already talking to best friend (at the time) Joe.

"Wait, Marky is here??" I asked, as I saw Mark talking to Matt, laughing in that way they have, where they both shove each other.

Mark was an unofficial member of the team. He didn't hold a permanent spot, bc he went to school pretty far away, and it was a long drive for an after school activity. But it was always nice when he could make it.

"Yep, he got himself out of golf" 

"Mark: The official dodger of all physical activities" I said loudly brandishing a stick.

"Jillian, you had better bet I heard that" Mark yelled.

Mark's big joke was that, everyday he took a walk around the block, then picked up the block, and put it in his toy box. LOL. 
Mark and I have always talked like this to each other, as you will soon see. So don't freak out, this has been going on since we met in 2nd grade while playing pictionary.

"T*********!!!! (cos I wouldna want y'all know me last name) Laps!! Then drills with Evah, now!"" Yelled Coach across the field.

So the practice began, and it was going great untillllll....
dun-dun-dunnnnnn. Should I continue?


  1. Please do. I want to hear about it.
    I'm really, really sorry. I seem to push people away for some reason. If you want, you can try as many times as you like. I did leave a hint, if you go to my blog. You're back in. I'll change the rule so everyone can keep trying. Please forgive me? *widens eyes and pouts lip to beg forgiveness*

  2. Do I have an option, or will you continue anyways?

    :) Do continue.

  3. Thanks so much for the comment. Keep going. Stay creative.

  4. You have all of these great stories!!! LOL I can't wait to hear the rest!

  5. Okay, if you go on the pix, find the guy with the hat in the back. That's actually a girl, but just find her. I am the blong kid with the wierd smile near her (between her and Mario). I know, I'm hideous, right? Well, basically, you won so yay you!

  6. Thats cool!!

    Don't feel bad about being late. I have been late for countless games.



  7. HAHA! You're a GREAT writer! I loved it. Is the part about the nut house bathroom serious?? That sucks! I'd be scared stiff to go in there!

  8. I wish my parents put me in soccer when I was younger, I think I would've been good at it.


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