Bummer, huh?

I was a little upset one day, on the drive home from the orthodontist.

It was a rainy day, and it was just my Dad and I, listening to talk shows in the front seats of his Chevy Malibu.

I was thumbing through my iPod, checking my mail, and watching the little blue dot move on my GPS (it is quite entertaining).

We were talking about rather random thing on the commercials.

"Dad?" I asked.

"Yep," my Dad answered.

"Is there any, I mean any, good things about being a teenager? Can you name me just one?"

My Dad laughed, in that awesome way he does. I love my Dad's laugh. It is probably one of my favorite sounds.

"Wellll" He hesitated. 

"Go on" I couldn't help grinning.

"When your 17, you can watch rated R movies" He shrugged.

"C'mon!!!!" I moaned.

"You can drive?"

"So can you, though"

"True" My Dad admitted.

"Come on, there has to be something" I went on.

"You asked for 1 thing, I gave you 2".

By then I was laughing. 

But I am okay with being a teen [sometimes]. It definitely has it's ups and downs.

It is so weird sometimes though, I mean, awkward. I am not a kid, and not an adult. I know that sounds simple, but it is more traumatic than it sounds.

There are days, when it seems so stupid, and you just want to grow up.
And then there are days when you just wish you could reverse time, and go back to when your biggest concern was who you were going to play with that day.

Well, just some thoughts.

Exit: Jillian


  1. I have days where I wish I could go back in time and I have days that I wish I could skip to the future. It definitely is more traumatic than it sounds. LOL

  2. that's so so so true! i have days like that all the time! realizing i'm gonna be 16 in 6 months, yesterday was definitely a backwards time day! haha!
    btw, why did you change your display name??


  3. yeah i really understand cause you are not a kid so you cant act like one and you have more things expected of you but you are not an adult so you still have to sit at the kids table if you get what i mean

  4. Being a teen is awesome. you don't have to pay taxes. ;-D
    But on a serious note: how did you know my name? I thought only Mario would know...oh. Did you go on Mario's blog? That might explain it. Well, have fun being a teenager. Peace!

  5. Hey! Did you know that the word "teenager" was invented in 1941 by Readers Digest? - Bob

  6. I totally understand! Sometimes I feel like I want to go get a job and drive myself places and stuff. Then other days I think about what it'll be like when I go to college and live by myself and I get scared.

  7. I totally agree with the "not a kid, but not an adult yet" idea. I seriously go from one to the other everyday! Haha but I guess that's just part of life and growing up.

  8. Yeah happens to me all the time too! I hate it. I really miss my child hood some days and others i can't wait to hit 18 and move away and yeah:|


  9. Oh, I liked this. So charming and true.

  10. That's OK if you don't comment regularly. Neither do I. Plus you have 38 folowers to keep up with.

    I found the "teenagers fact" in the "Do Hard Things" book. I think your friend Emma is a fan of the book. Acctually, most of my posts are just branched from information taken from books I'm reading, and my pastors' sermons. I haven't used Readers Digest as a source yet though. :) - Bob

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  12. Oh my god, Jill, I'm so sorry. I didn't realize that I forgot the hint, and I'm sorry for killing you off so soon. Can you forgive me? Please? You can have more chances if you like. Please don't hate me. :(

  13. I hate being stuck in the middle like that 'cause you are expected to behave like an adult, are given the responsiblities of an adult, but expected to be happy with the privileges of kids. I HATE it. Like "Kansas" said, "you still have to sit at the kids' table." It's AWFUL!


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