Michael's and an Amazing movie!!

So, hey people. As you may, or may not  know, my cousin
 (and friend too! :) Michael started his own blog, and it really is good. I not just saying that 'cause he is my cousin.
Honest Promise!!!! So, here is the link: This is my world
or here, go ahead and do it the old fashioned way (copy/paste) www.mrtuwannabe.blogspot.com
Oh, and that beautiful guitar he has as his profile pic?
It's his. Isn't it beautiful?

Wow, think about it.
If everyone got at least two people to start a blog, there would be so many voices being heard! Emma definitely inspired me to start writing, so I am so thankful for that. My Dad did too, so thanks Daddy!

LOL, it's beautiful today! 65 degrees! So not typical  February Chicagoland weather!

I like this picture SO much!

Okay, okay, okay. I finally saw Fireproof.
When it came out last September, my friends Mark and Kristin were like:
"Jillian, you have GOT to see this movie!!!!! It's amazing!" Looked at Mark like he was insane.
I mean, Fireproof doesn't exactly seem like a guy movie; well, then again, neither does Newsies,
and Mark loved that. Not that Fireproof is a chick flick. It's not. It just doesn't seem like a thing a teen guy would love. But I guess that's what I love about Mark. 
Kristin was understandable.
She is a sweet girl, with a sweet heart.
But, at the time I was so busy! School had just started, and it is NOT easy being a freshman.
So, now in February, I finally saw it. And it was AMAZING. I little intense at first, but really really well done. I think you should see it. Does that answer your question Emma?
Mark, & Kristin;
Mission Accomplished. *salutes in mock seriousness*

Peace out!


  1. Cool,

    Never heard of Fireproff before, but it looks cool!!!


  2. hi, thanks for following my blog and for the comment i really like number one on ur list about finding the truth. And i just recently bought the movie fireproof but haven't goten a chance to watch it yet hopefully it enjoyable like you say i'll take your word lol (;

  3. This is an awesome blog!!!!!! I love it :D

    and yeah I've never seen Fireproof either, I'll have to check that out!!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog,feel free to visit anytime :D


  4. Hey Jillian!
    Thanks for the positive response to my blog. I thought I had a followers widget, although I called mine Faithful Readers. Oh well, no problem!
    I only tell what I honestly think, so I will never lie just to kiss up. I honestly think your love of family is awesome! Keep up the good blog!

  5. Oh, and I haven't seen Fireproof. I might just do that now! I like exclamation points :)

  6. Fireproof was an awesome movie!!

    I am so excited about tonight! I can't wait! I'm pretty sure Emma is going. I'm not sure who else is.

    I love you.


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_Adam Duritz

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