Hello Beautiful People!!!
I was just thinking how happy I am that I never defined what this blog is. 
It's not something depressing, but it has it's sad points.
It's Happy, but not too bubbly.
It's not preppy.
It's not emo.
It's just me. Random, Thoughtful, sometimes funny, me. I think everyone should write a blog.
I think it's very therapeutic. To be able to let everything out. And with this, I want to say, that if I could, I would hug every single one of my 33 followers. Okay, Okay, I'll high-five the guys.

I am really excited about this year! I am really hoping the best for 2009. I can't wait to start drivers ed, which should prove humorous, and cause a very funny post. Man, you should hear Paige talk about it.... Sometimes I think it's nice having friends that are older than me, but other times I think it's scary to have people talk about the horrors. But, maybe, just maybe, if I do well, Grandpa will let me drive the wave runners with no one aboard. 
Michael!!! Stop laughing!!!! A girl can dream a little, can't she?

Okay, this is pretty funny, but you have to follow me on this, okay?

There is this guy that lives down my street, and his name is Alex*. 
Alex is a nice guy. 
Typical guy next door (or, down the road?) type of guy. tall, a mop of dark brown hair, green eye, braces . He plays basketball in school, and has been forever. He has like 5 dogs,  3 cats, and numerous birds and critters. His Mom works at an animal shelter. I run cross country, and in the morning, when I run past Alex's house, all the dogs bark, and jump at the window, and it's pretty hilarious. 
I met Alex at this Country Club/YMCA place, that's within a mile of my house. He was practicing b-ball, and I was getting ready for soccer practice. He agreed on half court. So we went on. But we kept on banging into each other, and it was pretty funny. After that we talked a little, and he was nice.
Well, then I found out like 5 months later he lived down the road, and that our moms were friends. I also  found out he was very nice to kids, and made friends with a lot of them.

One day, I was running with my brother, and this little girl, who looked like she was in 2nd grade ran up to him, and said "Hi Alex! Whatcha doin'?" in this adorable little song-songy voice. "Hey, I'm not Alex, Alex lives over there, but hi anyways" Sam pointed in Alex's general direction.
We thought it was this one time mistake, and found it very cute, and we laughed about it for awhile. 
But, then we started noticing a very disturbing sequence. Whenever this girl was out, and there was any High School aged, brown haired guy, she would run up to him, and say in an adorable voice "Hey Alex, whatcha doin'?" Man, we would laugh so hard. Of course, after we were out of hearing. The funniest case was when she ran up to the guy named Jack (who I dislike) and said her line, and he looked at her like she was nuts, got this scarred look on his face, and ran away as fast as he possible could.

So, that was preety funny.

Oh, this REALLY stinks.
My brother Sam and I are in the same grade in math, okay?
So I ran into the kitchen and grabbed what I thought was my math book from the table, and did "My homework" only to find that it was his book! ggrrrrr.



  1. Ha Ha!!!

    Cool post. Thats a good story.

    How did you get the picture on there?


  2. Hi!
    Lovely picture!!
    hehe...i bet it was annoying only to find that it was your bro's book :D
    check the label next time!
    Take Care!

  3. Kids can be funny. Nice blog. Thanks for visiting mine.

  4. Jillian, you and Emma have been here for me through all of this. I love you guys so much, and I am so thankful! I cannot thank you enough!!!! The moment I read your comments I feel so much better. Luv you!!!!



  5. Haha! I find the fact that Jack ran away quite hilarious. The visual in my head is great!

    And it would really stink to do the wrong homework!

  6. Awh man I would hate accidentally doing my brother's HW!!


"Sometimes the world seems like a big hole. You spend all your life shouting down it and all you hear are echoes of some idiot yelling nonsense down a hole"
_Adam Duritz

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