Please Read This: My Blogging Declaration

This is a very serious post, in which I am hoping to say very serious things, but, you know how THAT goes.

Okay, I am sorry. Really sorry. I apologize to all 26+ of you.

 Because, I, Jillian, have somehow wandered away from what this blog is; a poetic, classic, and sometimes humorous  haven of free thought.
 Somewhere among the lines, I gave way to cheep, and stupid things. I mean seriously! My last post was about robots, people, Robots.

I was recently reading some of my earlier posts, and I felt the essence of why I started this blog.

I wasn't doing it for followers, or because I wanted to be the best.
I was doing it for the simple love of writing.
 So, I am truly sorry for selling out. 

I want to write more stuff like this:
It's six in the morning here
I lay awake I'm waiting for my mind to clear up
So I can rewind and just count myself to sleep
And everyday I want to climb to a new height
My life is like the making of a long ride
I started the ignition such a long time ago

And this:
Words we had said
Grew in my head 
Colored I thought 
Send me to bed

Lost memories
Grew into trees
Cover the doors
Swallow the key

Winters have come and gone you know
Winters have come and gone you know
But I’ll miss you young and free
For a dance round the memory tree

Said I forgot
But I did not
Dreams we have had
Play in my head

Did we believe,
The cry of the wind?
Did we regret? 
Would we forget?

Winters have come and gone you know
Winters have come and gone you know
But I’ll miss you young and sweet
For a dance round the memory tree



  1. I understand what you mean about blogging. I also believe that it is great you want to get " back on track" .

    I love what you want your blog to be and I hope and pray that you accomplish your goals.

    You are a great writer

    No doubt
    Yerika Reyes
    A reader

  2. Apology accepted. :) Now go out there and write.

  3. Um, all of the above.

    Don't worry, I like your blog as one of the best, you aren't writing THAT silly, I write about robots all the time...
    I write about myself all the time.. (I"M A ROBOT!!!)

    Crazy Girl

  4. That's interesting how your lost memories grew into trees and eventually covered the key. There's a message behind the words right? I can't figure it out. - Bob

  5. I write stupid stuff, I really don't know it just comes with blogging. For every little important thing you intended to write there comes at least 2 funny random things. It makes the post interesting. ;) Bye!

  6. I've tagged you!

    1.Each blogger must post these rules first.
    2.Each blogger starts with 8 random facts/habits about themselves.
    3.Blogger that are tagged need to write on their own blog about their 8 things.
    4.At the end of your blog,you need to choose 8 people to get tagged and list their names.
    5.Don't forget to leave them a comment, telling them that they've been tagged and to read your blog.

  7. Don't worry about losing the essence of your blog. even in your silliest moments your a thoughtful person. just blog away at what you feel at the moment, at what's on your mind. the random posts (like ones about robots) simply give your blog, in a way, depth. it shows you are both a silly person, but also a poetic and thinking one. So don't worry and just do as you feel.

    You're a fantastic writer, my friend! you will never lose your thoughtfullness or your meaning. Sure, maybe you'll stray from the path, distracted by the lure of adventure, but you always know when to turn back.

    O, and sorry i haven't commented in, well, forever. I've no excuse other than i've been busy and tired. Bad me! I need to remember, blogging first, education second. I need to get my priorities straight. ;) ya, i'm just kidding.

    I loves ya!

    almost as much as i love Johnny Depp.

    Now that's saying something.

  8. Hi!!
    I love your blog !
    I love everything you post :)
    Check out my new post !

  9. yo jill :D

    hey i really like you latest post. its real good. i like your little poems and songs..good stuff. i wouldnt mind taking a walk or dance around the memory tree. i totally know what you mean with the getting off track with blogging. we blog for basically the same reasons. bc i dont blog for followers either, but its just a place where i can write my thoughts, vent to the best listener, and tell of my experiances in hopes of helping others and perhaps benefiting from it myself.
    keep it up friend <3

  10. I understand. I write random posts, too. It's part of blogging. Finding your style. Exploring new places. You'll get where you want to be. Don't be too serious or you'll lose interest in your writing, but you do write wonderfully thoughtful posts and I think we all are praying for you and your blog.

    Love ya, girl!

    - Melissa

  11. Love the poem! By the way, I got you an award!


"Sometimes the world seems like a big hole. You spend all your life shouting down it and all you hear are echoes of some idiot yelling nonsense down a hole"
_Adam Duritz

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