I've been tagged...... three times! Yeesh, I'd better get better at this blogging thing!

Okay, wow!

Thanks guys!

I'm going to start with the first tag, 

This is from my very first follower, Charlotte
has tagged me, oh, I don't know, a week ago?
Thank you Charlotte!
BTW, guys, check out her blog for me, okay?

So heres the deal, you have to list a number of weird or random facts or quirks about yourself according to your age. So im 14 so i post 14 facts. Get it? then you tag people and ask them to do the same thing.

1. I'm a Christian, to the greatest extent. I love Jesus, and it's so cool that he died for me, and you!
2. I like animals, for the most part.
3.I have very dark brown eyes.
4. I have a really bad habit of finishing people's sentences, and making them more dramatic, and eloquent.
5. I like Mini Coopers.
6. I love my entire family, and ALL of my friends.
7. I want to study arts in college
8. I love blogging.
9. I learned to pump on a swing when I was 7, I know, that is VERY old.
10. I hate posed pictures. Really, it's the worst thing ever when I have my camera all lined up, and someone poses.
11. I can sail boats. Solo. Really. By the time I was 7 I could drive a wave runner (some people call them jet-ski's. It is basically like a motorcycle on water). And when I was 11, I was in charge of locking up the boats at night, docking them,  and steering them to the passenger from the harbor. Here is a picture:

12. I can't stand the word "putrid" it just makes me so grossed out!
13. When I was little I called blueberries "Bloom-blooms" and olive "Obalies" LOL
14. I like to smile a lot.

Okay, now as proper procedure goes, I must tag those around me (if you are not on the list, don't worry, more tags coming up!):

4. Ruby
6. Rexi

Okay then  I received  "The Fabulous Blog" award from  Juhi, over at Girl Like Me (insert cool symbols) 

Thanks! Oh, wow. I feel so grateful. I really love writing, and it's just what I do! I am glad y'all (and I don't say "Y'all" in real life, by the way) enjoy it. I makes me smile every time I get a new follower, or a comment, so if you like my blog or have any ideas on how I can improve it, please tell me!


So here are my instructions and your instructions, too if you are on my top 10 fabulous blogs!

1. Put the logo on your blog or post.
2. Nominate blogs which you think are fabulous.
3. Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.
4. Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.
5. Share the love and link to this post and to the person from whom you received your award.

So here are my top ten fabulous blogs, NOT in order:

 1. Emj's Life by my bffl, Emma! Emma got me into blogging in the first place, so I will be eternally grateful. 

2. Ramblings, by Charlotte. My "editor" LOL. Awesome blog you have there girl!

3. Jaci @ Fork in the path. Love love love love it!!!!

5. Yerika @ I WISH I KNEW LIFE BETTER. Luv ya sis! CHICAGO ROX! GO CUBS! wait one second...R U a Cubs fan or a Sox fan? Silly me, never asked.

6. Ruby @ Inside my head. Niiiice blog.

7. Sarah Barlow @ Sarah Anne Photography. Hey, Sarah! We all miss you! How is Nashville? Probably warmer...... I really wanted to tell you that you are my inspiration when I do photography. I really love your style. And your blog is VERY encouraging to me, too. I love you, and your family, and praying for all of ya!

9. NoeChill @ NoeChill. I love your blog a ton. It is very interesting, thoughtful, and insightful. (since you are a guy, you may not appreciate the icon, so you don't need to if you don't want to).

10. Callie @ I'm being drowned in loneliness, and my heart is beating too fast.... It is very emo, but very good and true, too, so kudos to you.

Okay, the end. Except, if you are not on this list, and want to be, I'm considering doing a "Blog of the month" award. So, you can look forward to that.

One last tag. This time it's from Ada, @ Inside Ada's Noggin.

This one is 8 random facts about me.
1. I like spinach, I don't care what people think about it.

2. I am very flexible, which allows me to do weird, distorted, things with my body.
Well, Nica is better, but, I'm still okay.

3. People Say I look a LOT like my Mom, but actually I look more like my Dad's side of the family.

4. I'm a pretty extreme person. It's just a fact. 
I love skating/snowboarding/surfing. I love Roller Coasters. I love it when I'm rock climbing, and the guy lets me down really fast. I love heights. Sitting on bridges. I can climb a tree higher than anyone in my family. That is just me.

5. I have music is my soul. In my mind. In my life. In my art. I am music.

6. I collect everything Apple. Especially gift cards, cos Apple/iTunes have the coolest designs. Maybe someday I'll up load my card collection. I also collect/fix iPods. And I take my MacBook with me a lot.

7. I don't believe in love at first sight.

8.  Hmmmm. I love where I live. Period. I mean for now. I just think it is one of the coolest places to grow up. It is so artsy, and beautiful. It's suburbia, at it's best. Here is a picture I took last Summer:

Now, Here is who I tag. Everyone who reads my blog, and likes it. Only if you want to.

Okay, wow I'm done! *does happy dance*

Bye, my dear readers!


  1. Ok, so it looks like i'm doing the first and second part. Ok, gimme a while to get that done.

  2. thanks for tagging me, Jillian!!


  3. thanks for tagging me, Jillian!!


  4. kay so that's a lot! so i might need aum time later and thanks for tagging me! okay and of course the cubbies!!!!!

  5. wow jill thanks for tagging me :D
    btw i dont mind being your editor at all..its pretty beastmode. thanks for tagging me in the Fabulous Blog thingy. <3 later

  6. You fix ipods? That's awsome! - Bob

  7. Hye I am gonna do the tagging thing...i just have to go now...later.



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