Thunder Road

"You're scared and you're thinkin' maybe we ain't so young anymore
Show a little faith, there's magic in the night
Ain't a beauty, but hey you're alright"
_Bruce Springsteen


I love that feeling of sitting around singing Nirvana songs while someone plays a guitar.

                            I am making a comeback.

The shadows fall around him.
Clothing emotions in burlap.
Time never repeats, but history does far too often.
They throw stones for love.
And make war with the ones that know them best.

My skateboard, taken in the beginning of May

After working myself really hard, I'm taking a break from school.
True, I'm going to a big convention, which could be considered school.
But I'm taking a week away from the stress.
I'm not doing Summer break, I rarely do, I just need a chance to slow things down for a minute.

Taken on the way to a Blackhawks game

We all complain about being so busy, running from one thing to the next.
But secretly, I think we're afraid of the moment when there isn't one more thing to do.
Because what will we live for then?
We need to find something bigger than ourselves.


Rediscovering things that I love. These are the things that set us apart from everyone else.
The color plum. Music, rock, grunge, alternative, acoustic, Brit punk. Coffee shops. Skateboarding. Pure laughter. Large books. Science. Playing catch. Thunderstorms. Road trips. Painting. Taking pictures. 

What do you love?


  1. trying to open candy canes without breaking them. Attempting to look cool playing the guitar. Pilot V7 Pens. Ending up eating all of the brownie mix before you actually cook the brownies. Weird cult movies that happen to be people's religions. Fans. Hats. Hairbows. Ridiculous amounts of eyeliner. Pencils with endless supplies of erasers. Prismacolor colored pencils. Not having a CellPhone. Google. Lamps. People. Traveling to places you know nothing about then finding it to be someplace wonderful. Life when it's good. Life when it's bad. The fact that It'll all be different on the flip side.


  2. ^ Sam, your list is brilliant, and I adore your hair.

  3. I knew it. You changed the URL without telling me. All along you've been trying to get rid of me. I can see it so clearly now.

    Anyway, I'm glad you're blogging again. I love this post!

    How are you?

  4. Dang it, you found me Christopher!
    How could you?

    Kidding. I've missed ya.

    I'm insane, as usual.
    And you?

  5. Hey you! So happy you're back. What's up?

    Things I love: the last week of school. swimming all day and falling asleep exhausted. skinny-dipping at midnight. that beautiful moment when, even after swimming, your hair dries and still looks good. embarrassing family stories. too much cake. screaming in the first five minutes at Pirates yesterday; the row of guys behind us wouldn't stop laughing. reading five books in less than two days. wasting time. hanging up maps of London on my wall. johnny depp. too much coffee. life.

  6. I liked this post, especially the line about being afraid of having nothing to live for besides busy.
    I love being away from my house, spontaneous sleep overs and being with my friends for days straight. I love taking pictures, and sharing them with people. I love pictures, i love words, i especially love phrases. i love being comfortable in odd positions, oreos, and packing light.

  7. Sitting in the sun, dancing in the rain, black and white photography, watermelon flavored anything, getting the high score on Wii Just Dance, crisp fall days, how the stars look in the country skies, flowers, and being right. :)

  8. Messing around on guitars with a friend waaay longer than intended, this beautiful girl I see everyday, good movies with depth, humor and plot, rain that persists, this continuous vibrant movement some call music, unstressful times, learning how time could've been spent better and not making the same mistake again, getting a couple hours of sleep but being able to stay awake the whole day, being excruciatingly hungry before downing a quart of milk with some apple crumble, being filled with peace than no one can understand and joy than no one can take away, being on fire when inspired and writing awesome stuff and Jesus!

    I think a better description of this list is the best of my blessings. Thanks =)

    Jesus loves you!

  9. hwy, you. glad you're back. again your posts are just pure poetry. I love big books. words. singer/songwriter. yellow. laughter. rain. funky colors. the 80s. london and classic rock.

  10. thunder, hard rain, covering my hands with colour, taking pictures, lying in top grass and under a tree, opening my eyes underwater, frilly dresses, my combat boots, tattoo, stacks of books. Linking hands, secret smile, smell of magnolias, getting lost in the city, sketching strangers in the train, travelling, taking endless pictures, that song that sticks to my mind, trains. Stories. Endless stories. Diaries. Secret love. Granitas and machine-ice cream (the one that comes only in choclate and vanilla flavours), languages, music, sitting with someone in complete silence. Blogging. Comments on my blog. Other people's blog.

    And thanks for the supports.

  11. Your pictures are great!!
    Some things I love are red grapes, bike riding, watching movies, going swimming.
    Great post!! And I love your blog!!!!!
    Thank you for commenting on mine!!
    --- Jen

  12. Ahaha, Noe, I meant the photo was taken... oh wait, you're joking aren't you?


"Sometimes the world seems like a big hole. You spend all your life shouting down it and all you hear are echoes of some idiot yelling nonsense down a hole"
_Adam Duritz

I love hearing things that aren't my own pathetic echoes.