Rather super brilliant day today.

First off,

I was in sign language at 8AM this morning (who knew you could get foreign language credit for ASL?) and we were watching a man give a rendition of The Hungry Caterpillar [Eric Carle] all in sign. Thinking it was pretty neat, I texted my friend who wasn't in that class "The Hungary Caterpillar in sign language is funny" and when I was in my language arts class, she texted back "What is this about a Hungarian caterpillar?" and I burst in desperately controlled fit of laughter.

My absolutely amazing über awesome Dad is taking me to my very first Blackhawks game next Friday!!!!!!
I really like hockey, and I've heard say that hockey games are the most fun games to go to.
Now, to choose which of my 100 Blackhawks tee shirts to wear. 
It's still preseason, but since they won the Stanley Cup in June, it doesn't matter to me, I'm just excited to see them.

AND!! This is on next Friday night, and the next morning my aforementioned brilliant Dad is taking me, my sibs, my cousins, and friends, including my apparent ex-boyfriend (He insists I dumped him, I insist we were never together in the first place; but we get along okay) CAMPING. SO thrilled.

On the way home today, Dad and I outvoted Sam 2 to 3, so we listened to Green Day :)

Hung out with Emma and Sam a significant portion of the afternoon.
Studied a lot, I really want that A in science.

So, after all that Dad-being-awesomeness when he asked me to wrap a present for his friend's retirement party
(I can't believe my Dad has a friend that's retiring, he's so young) I simply had to agree.
And my Mom added hastily that she wouldn't hesitate to unwrap it if it wasn't done right.
My Mom's family is pretty much the boss on nicely wrapped presents. 
So, I struggled through it for half an hour and got the first box into a fairly decent shape when my brother came stalking into the room, shook his head, grabbed the scissors and did some surgery on it, the poor thing.
I must admit that after Sam finished, it looked a lot better. 
But I have to say I improved on the second one....
They look fairly decent.
I maintain that the two of us could pass for 15-year-old twins.


  1. "Uber?" Sie sprechen auch deutsch? Das ist großartig!

    Der Camping-Ausflug klingt lustig, vor allem weil ich wie Green Day.

    (Und jetzt verstehe ich, wo die Twin Sache kommt.)

  2. Nein, mein Bruder spricht Deutsch.
    Ich weiß sehr wenig.

    I'm really excited about it!
    And Green Day is awesome so WIN.

    Actually, we don't share the same birthday, but we're born really really close together, and we're in the same grade in school. Irish twins :)

  3. Sorry to burst your bubble we're not twins!

  4. I know i'm awesome

  5. hockey games are the best. So happy for you!!!

  6. I'm the most awesome brother!

  7. Ich spreche ein bisschen Deutsch


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_Adam Duritz

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