I saw one of my favorite people yesterday. 

I hadn't seen him in so long, so talking, laughing and remembering was so special. 

And at the end, I was going to give him our usual fist bump, and then he pulled me into this huge hug, and it was so perfect. 

And his brown eyes looked down into my own, and he told me "I can't email you, or call you, but I know I'll see you again Jillian".

And he walked away with a shy wave and a sad smile.
And yes, it was sad. Very sad. But beautiful too.

 I remember once I was freaking out because my Mom was late and wasn't answering her cell phone, and my friend's Mom wouldn't leave me there alone.
I'm the type of girl who worries about everything, so to me she wasn't running late, she was in a car wreck somewhere.
So I remember he ripped a piece of paper out of his notebook and told me 
"Don't worry, we'll write a note. And she'll come here and find it, and everything will be okay"
so he wrote my Mom a note, and attached it to a pole with some string. 

Isn't that so sweet?

I remember so so many sweet things he's done. 

And I had the feeling we'd both somehow kind of wanted a hug after all our secret handshakes. 

And here is the truth shocking truth. I love that boy.
With a truly pure love.

Not some perverted, 'what do you have to offer me?' love. An 'I truly care about you' love.

So, I got a hug from a boy I love and it made my weekend.


  1. I really like the way you described your love for him... can I use it as my email signature? please? :)

  2. Yes, you most definitely can :)

    And btw, he is not my boyfriend, or anything like that.
    I just love him as a really good friend.

  3. I know.. I feel the same way about someone right now to.. that's why I liked it so much :D

  4. awww, that's really sweet :) I love friends like that!

  5. thankyou for all your comments on my blog. I really love this post. it's so beautifully written.

  6. That's so sweet. :) Sounds sad, but immensely sweet.

  7. Katie: I do too. Those friends are the best kind. I especially love it when I can have that kind of relationship with a guy

    Kathryn: I love your comments too. Thanks.
    I'm working on my writing. Read some of my old stuff and it was really.....poorly written

    Rachel Maria: I know, it was so bittersweet.

  8. Yup, I made the header and the pic :)
    I am glad you like them. :)
    Also excited to see you picked up the Matt Thiessen quote :D
    And as always, great post.

  9. =) that's cool. I've had the same experience. It was pretty cool since one of us was unbalanced for a second so it was kinda like we were dancing =) Jesus loves you!

  10. I was going to write "aw, how cute" then saw most people had written that already... =.=
    Still I loved this post. And by the way, where's your friend going???

  11. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!! Just noticed that in an old comment I wrote ho! I meant hon! (Like honey - i've heard it in many movies and it sounds kinda funny). Oh. My. God. Me is soooo embarassed! Sorry!!!!!

  12. Awww this was a really sweet post. Love the way you described it.

    Secondly, I just noticed my blog is in your "Beautiful Blogs" list. Thanks!

  13. Wow that is for lack of a better word, adorable. I have so many friends that I love with all my heart that I can't belive how lucky I am somtimes.

    oh and thank you for the comment on my blog! the diet is going well. Only another 13 days to go. XD XD

  14. So, I have something totally random to tell you. We have this band that comes and plays at our church. Most of the times they've come they stay at our house. Anyways, the bassist (he's really good) works with Relient K. He merches for them, and I think that he's backup for their bass player. One of my friends was talking to him on Facebook one time and he goes, "hey, Relient K says hi." :) It was awesome!

  15. That's so cool Katie!

    One of my best friend's cousins are in a band called BarlowGirl which you may or may not have heard of and my friend went on tour with her cousin and got to hang out with Matt and the boys! SOOOO blessed.

    I stopped liking hawk nelson that much, because Jason Dunn's voice is a little too whiny for my liking.

  16. thanks for the compliment to my drawing :) this is beautiful! where do you get the codes for the colours to bend from? xx


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