"Can you tell when a girl looks at you and is thinking how much she likes you and is wondering if you like her and thinking how important it is for you to say how you feel before she says anything more about how she feels about you or anyone else they might be jealous of because she's already said how she feels in her own way?"
_Nancy Drew Movie


  1. I started reading, and was like I've encountered these words before. Then I got to then end, and there was the citation.

  2. A great quote I think all women have been through.

  3. I got to your blog from another blog, which I got to from a comment on yet another blog. Let me say, I love it. :)


"Sometimes the world seems like a big hole. You spend all your life shouting down it and all you hear are echoes of some idiot yelling nonsense down a hole"
_Adam Duritz

I love hearing things that aren't my own pathetic echoes.