This thing called life

So I thought I'd just write a post. Yeah, like that. Just write a post to let you know how I've been.
And how exactly have I been?
Practically Happy, I suppose.
Things have been going rather well.
Happiness is an evasive thing though, and it comes and goes like that.

I cut my hair shorter, but it's still below my shoulders.
The funny thing is, it looks like Shaun White's hair right now, because I tried to curl it, and the result was..... not as I hoped.

Yesterday I made a fool out of myself in public, whoo hoo.
To quote my brother:
"You've had one to many".
My sibs and Emma were acting like I had a drinking problem,
(and maybe I do, but not with alcohol, I assure you, it is 100% coffee related)
and this man kept on peering up from his magazine and watching me carefully.
It didn't help much when my sister leaned over and said in a loud stage whisper:
"You are sooooo high right now".
Well, thanks to my amazing sibs and best friend, the world now knows I have hyperactivity issues.

Have you ever had that one person that you hoped with your whole heart was perfect,
and when you finally started to see the truth, all you really wanted to do was close you eyes and plug your ears and hum "Yellow Submarine" by The Beatles?

Thanks for reading this late night musing.


  1. My hair is just a little below shoulder-length right now too, and it naturally does this weird curly-wavy thing. For the longest time I would straighten it EVERY DAY. Now I'm like "Pfft. To heck with that." because my hair looks kind of Shaun-White-y too and he doesn't straighten his hair and he's freakin adorable... ;-D

  2. The sad thing is that our hair looks like a GUY's hair, lol. I took my straightener and battled the waves this morning. I have so many layers in my hair though.

  3. Thanks for catching us up haha XD
    I actually started a new blog and got rid of my old's my new blog if you want to check out.
    I always enjoy your post!

  4. Did you take that photograph?!?

    I love it!


"Sometimes the world seems like a big hole. You spend all your life shouting down it and all you hear are echoes of some idiot yelling nonsense down a hole"
_Adam Duritz

I love hearing things that aren't my own pathetic echoes.