We live most of our childhoods believing our parents are superheroes.

Fell down and scraped your knee? One kiss from your Mom will make it better.

Have a problem with your homework? Ask your Dad, he knows everything.

But there comes a point in your life, for some it's sooner than others, when you're parents perfect facade starts cracking before your eyes.

It happens ever so slowly. It will make you sad, and angry.

There is nothing you can do to stop it, except to keep on believing in them.

Until one day, you'll wake up and realize that they are just as flawed as you are.
And after that, there is no going back to believing that they are perfect.
Is ignorance bliss?

But, at the same time, just because they are flawed, it doesn't make you love them any less.
In fact, in my opinion, in makes you love them more.
Because each and every day through out your life, they have made a conscious effort to be the best they possibly can, for our benefit.

So, here's to you, Dad and Mom.


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  2. This post meant so much to me. My brother is mentally ill and when I was about 9 my parents just couldn't control him. It made the situation even worse for me because if my parents couldn't fix it.... who could?

  3. But then we come to the realization that they are sources of wisdom and great people with whom we can just hang out with =) You see that some flaws are just misunderstandings and they help you with the rest of your life and become cherished people who you remember forever and miss until you see them again =) At least, most of this happens in most cases. Actually... not everyone sees their parents again. It's really sad. Jesus loves them though, and Jesus loves you! =)

  4. Tuna: I know what you mean, it doesn't make you love them any less, and they still are great people.
    It's just a let down when you realize that they aren't the perfect people you imagined.

    I know, same here. My brother was sick too, and watching them be helpless kind of killed something inside of me.

  5. I definitely agree with this. Parents are many things but never perfect.

    One thing we all need to keep in mind, though, ESPECIALLY teens, is that most parents aren't the opposite either. They're people, which means they shouldn't be regarded as either superheroes NOR villains.

  6. Superheroes aren't perfect either.

    So our parents have flaws, they are still superheroes to us.

  7. I honestly hope no one took this the wrong way.

  8. Thank you for this post...I honestly can't describe how much this meant to me. I have been so angry at my parents for so long, without them even knowing. And even throughout my anger, there were times I'd just look at them and think, "why do I think such terrible things about them?"

    I'm going to go hug my dad now.

  9. That sounds like a great idea Lauren.

  10. Lol, I don't think anyone took it the wrong way.

    Everyone needs a reminder that our parents are awesome. At times we take them for granted.


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