Christmas Is...

Laughing. Snow. Calling my friends. Telling jokes with my cousins. Getting matching hoodies. Designing a social networking site called Chirpper that will without a doubt take over Twitter. Scraping off all the ice. Taking an insane amount of pictures. Holding my cousin Kathryn. Not accepting the dare my cousin Kevin dared me which was to race me home in all this ice. (we're both learning to drive). Playing Monopoly all morning. Helping Mom with dinner. Talking about completely random subjects. Good music. Playing board games with my sibs. Trying to help Mom wrap presents. CELEBRATING BOXING DAY WHEN THE REST OF THE USA ISN'T.
Going to the movies. Going with Dad to the office. Pizza PARTY!! Cousins rock concert. Playing WII. Lots of jokes.



  1. Congrats! =) Sounds like a really fun Christmas =) For me it was just homework and a little family celebration. A pretty boring party at home on Christmas eve and an okay one the day after. Today my friend was sick and we're visiting some friends then for a whole week visiting in a different city at my parents' old friend's house. And lots of homework =P Glad you had fun though =) Jesus loves you!

  2. Yay to Christmas!
    Yay to blogaversary!

  3. happy blogaversary, Sounds like you had a very fun holiday break! good luck with the driving ;)

  4. Chirper? Let me know how it works out. :D

  5. My family and I played the Wii all night on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve. It was pretty cool.

    It's almost my 1 year blogaversary. Sometime this month. :)


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