A video that I want you to watch and tell me what you think

I wasn't going to post this on here, but Emma and Kristine convinced me to. Emma said it proved that teens have opinions and care about things too. One of the reasons I didn't want to do it, is because I felt that I made a fool out of myself. But really, a lot of these things have been on my heart. I am very interested in hearing what you guys have to say. I will also post it on my other blog. I will also post what Em and Kristine said about it in the comments.
Here it is:

Tell me please!



  1. I like that. "Change is a very broad scope." Good quote.

    I'd like to say the video of the children singing songs of praise to Obama is wrong on so many levels. However, the one I'd like to point out is the fact that you are making it mandatory for children to essentially agree with everything the President says and does. How is that not indoctrinating them and taking away their right to free speech?

    Good video Jillian. Thanks for posting it, Emma! =)

  2. Ah. Another thing I'd like to say in regards to the statement, "I don't think we should make-fun of the President." Well, maybe you're right on that statement. However, there are two things that must be taken into consideration on that point.
    1) Humor is often time (unfortunately) one of the ways to attract attention to a serious point. People may not necessarily realize that Obama is a snob until they see a poster of him with that as a title. At first it will infuriate them, of course. However, over time they may begin to notice the truth in the statement as now it has been brought to their attention.

    2) Is it really in all honesty making fun of a person by pointing out the obvious for the great purpose of the preservation of a country and a people as a whole?

    Just some thoughts. =}

  3. love it! I wish I could've been there! You guys sound like you're having so much fun! lol I so wish I could've been part of that conversation! And that is a really good video. I think it really shows that teenagers do have opinions on important things. Nobody seems to think that we can think for ourselves or have any real opinions, but we do! I think that video is awesome! You should blog it!

  4. Well, dialogue is always good, no matter how informed it is...! How much do we really know (kids and teens, that is) about politics, science, religion, life in general as it is lived, that we can make confident statements and declarations of truth? (look who's talking, right? The kid that thinks someone is listening to our thoughts...)

    Great vid, by the way. Very well produced. Thanks for posting!

  5. Loved being a part of the conversation we did put up some good points.

    and it feels good to have a voice in this world thanks everyone for your support.

    and i know that Ryan probably doest even know we posted this on a your site Jillian but thanks any ways for all your views on things Ryan

    but.... who cares any ways
    and again thank you everyone for watching our movie


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