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This is what Melroxx refers to as Meme's. Not exactly sure why, but it's cute. I like this one!

TV/Movie Characters you relate with:

1. Susan [Anna Popplewell] from The Chronicles of Narnia.
I always felt a special connection to Susan, even as a child. Her intense wariness. Her fight to protect her siblings, just at the same time this amazing sense of adventure, and strength. We relate.

2. Elisha Springfield [Leighton Meester] from Hangman's curse.
Elisha and I, well. So awhile everyone said that I looked like Leighton, which isn't really true.
What's true is that Elisha [her character] I are very very alike. That sometimes slightly sassy, ultra confident, super cautious way that we act. Everyone would laugh because when I'd do her lines, it would sound exactly like the movie.

3. Nancy Drew [Emma Roberts] in The Nancy Drew Movie
Yesh. I relate to Nancy [at least Hollywood's version] very well, because we are "old fashioned",
like things interesting, people think we're weird, spunky, confident, and we both love a good mystery.

4. Kelsi Nielsen [Oleysa Rulin] from High School Musical.
If you know me, you know I detest this movie to the point of hatred. But Mel picked Sharpay, and, well that really has nothing to do with it, so I'll drop that. I was forced to watch this movie. I mean it. Forced. But I really felt a lot of empathy for Kelsi, because she should really be a star but she's just the piano prodigy weird girl. So, leave out the prodigy part, I'm a piano playing weird girl.

Next question

Three places on you travel list:

It was originally countries, but I changed it to places for myself. Yeah. I really did.

1. Hayward, Wisconsin. For distinctly personal reasons.

2. Nashville, Tennessee
I always wanted to go there so so bad. The Barlows always make it seems so awesome.
And it's like CM capital of the country. And it's gorgeous btw. We might go next Spring right before my sweet 16th Birthday.

3. Italia. I am an Italian girl. Well, Italian/British/Irish/German/Scottish but that's besides the point. Mostly Italian. I always wanted to go to Europe, and Dad said we could next Autumn. I hope it works out very well. We're planning on going with all four of my grandparents, dad, mum, aunt marci, sam luke, tre, nica and myself. I'm going to ask my dad & mum if we can tiptoe over to Pari while we're all the way over there...

Hit "Shuffle" on your iPod and list out three songs.

1. Live life loud, Hawk Nelson
2. Twenty Years, Augustana

3. Miracle Man, Capital Lights

Daily Must haves

1. Prayer
2. Music
2. Some fresh air
3. Alone time

Things I'm confused about
The Bible

Browse your DVD shelf and randomly pick out three movies
[Confession, I'm doing this mentally]
Second Hand Lions
Life is beautiful

3 Things you wish you'd known earlier

1. Give up for others is really important
2. Always tell a person you love them before they leave or hang up, it may be your last chance.
3. The farther you run from God; or your problems; the more in trouble you get.

If you HAD to date a celebrity who would it be?

Well, guess what?!?? I don't. I think celeb crushes are ever sillier than regular crushes.
And regular crushes can be silly, trust me. Probably some Christian pianist, bassist, or drummer in a semi-famous band somewhere. But, even then, I'd probably prefer if it was just a hobby. Wait. I am seriously running away with this.

If you were a celebrity, what would it be for?

Singing. Skateboarding. Dancing. Painting. Having my own one girl band. Clean comedy.
Blogging. Writing. Pick any one of those.

If you could give your blog a facelift, what would you tweak?

Hmmm. I'd make it more colorful. And I'd allow a side bar on the side of this very layout.
And I'd make it so that....hmmm..... I'm always thinking about how I can make it better, but I my mind is deserting me now.

Now for the tagging part. But I'm going to make this open for anyone who wants to do it.
And the tags are only suggestions for people I THINK would like it. It's not binding.

Emma Jett
Potato Pancakes
Charlotte [dearest editor of mine]
Aaron Crispin
Kendra Logan
Sarcastic Spastic
Jillian C. M.
Standing 10:13
One Small Voice
Um, anyone else that I completely forgot about.

Peace to all people,


  1. I will surely do that for my next blog post! >_>

  2. Okay, I have a few extra minutes so I'll try it out =) Wow, I've never been tagged before. Thanks =) So is what you did just a guideline or... it'll probably be too late by the time you answer =P Anyways, Jesus loves you! =)

  3. Hey! I REALLY like your blog!!!

    This was a fun tag and I enjoyed reading it!

    All three of your randomly selected movies that you listed are some of my favorites!!! Especially La Vita Belle (Life is Beautiful) It made me sob!

    Anyway, I hope that you have a blessed day!


  4. Thanks for tagging me! I'll get to that as soon as I can.

  5. I love Secondhand lions and i'll totally do the quiz.

  6. Hey, you really have a unique blog here. Keep posting and changing things up!


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