VAHS Starts Again 2009-2010

Well here is the fateful day. I am now a sophomore. Yes. I really am.
So far, meaning today, I have been having actual fun [stop looking at me funny].
I really like Biology. I don't know why. And Italian has been a breeze. Especially the pronunciation part. I grew up around people speaking Italian, so I can do the accent pretty well, and actually sing in it too. LOL, I need to put up a video of me singing in Italian. It's hilarious, because I take the few words I know, put on an operetta voice, and ad lib along the way. If Italian heard me singing, he'd probably laugh so hard he cries, because it's like this, translated: "House car meee!!! Walk, eat, you!!! She swims faster!! Good Afternoon!!" You get the idea? Maybe I should post on "Somedays you're the pigeon, somedays your the statue" about it.
Paige, lucky girl, gets to start on Wednesday. But, she's going to be a Junior, and everyone knows that's harder than being a Sophomore, so I'll guess we're even.

Last Friday I went to a water park with 5 most commonly seen cousins, Kevin, Steven, Michael, Bryan, and Anna. We had a lot of fun. I went down the "Boomerang" which is basically a huge drop slide that leads into a funnel, which drops you out the end. I went up there with my Grandpa, Dad, Kevin, Sam, and Trin. At the top, they had a phone, and I asked my Dad if I could take a moment to get life insurance. He said no. I doubt they would have let me use it anyway. So, instead, I started making a unofficial will, passing out my iPods and such to the people I was with. Then Kevin mentioned that if I died, they'd all most likely die to, so I was wasting my time. Ahh, Kevin, keeping my mind on track since 1994.

My Dad was restarting my computer, and he forgot to save my post, and I logged back on, and I couldn't find it, and I was kind of upset, but then I found it, it had been auto-saved as a draft on"somedays" and it was safe.

I changed the background again. I hope you like it. The only downside is that people have been commenting on the bottom post. You have to comment above the post.

OH!!! And in Latin/Roman history today, I found out the Olympic motto, and I love it:
Translated it means: Swifter, Higher, Stronger. I think that is a great motto. I like Latin.

I think I received the most beautiful complement ever yesterday:

I tell you, CC is amazing too. Her posts always make me smile. Yet they have depth. She really is a humor role model. I am sooo glad she is "back". Thanks again!

Well, I have come to a close.
Farewell till next time,


  1. school starting will hopefully be somewhat enjoyable.
    lovely blog you have. :DD

  2. wow that sucks, I don't have to start school till september 9th.

  3. UGH!!! You keep your comments on top. I didn't notice, so i posted my comment on this post on your "My greatest Posts" post. So if you want to know what i have to say about this post, just go to the comments on you last post, because i'm way too lazy to type it again. Than again this comment is pretty long too. Ugh.

  4. I like the new layout (I know everyone says this but I really do like it. Real rad :P). I don't start school till Sept. 1st but it's still gonna be a horrible year. Wish I could take homeschool but then I couldn't take soccer. *bleh* at least we get study halls this year. Last year they stole all of our time. Well I still have much to be thankful for so I'm trusting GOD that this next year and environment will be what He wants for me to help me grow. I guess being put down and discouraged isn't the only consequence. I know last year going to school helped me learn (shocker) and grow in the Lord. I'm praying that this year will do the same. well... have fun... and do well :) Jesus loves you!

  5. That's so cool that you're a Sophomore! Did I tell you I'm not actual gonna be graduating early (well, I may still graduate a little early, but it's kind of up in the air), so I'm officially a Freshman!! Woohoo! Okay, it's not that exciting... but still Freshman is cool, right? Haha.

    I've started some of my school, but I still have to get my math and science and writing stuff. Just my history, Bible, reading and some other stuff.

    I am excited about school. I know, I'm a dork. :P

    love ya!

  6. I'm sorry that school starts now. I'm sure you'll do fine as a sophomore. You don't have my 10th Grade English teacher, so you'll be okay. :D


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