Why is this inconsistent?

Emma asked me a question, that really got me thinking.
Why  do my sister's and I have really interesting, unusual, names, whereas my brothers have popular names?

It's funny.
I was named after a friend of a friend, whose name my Mom heard in high school, and happened to love. Jillian.
Cristine came from my Mom's cousin, who happened to suggest it one day when talking about baby names.

My sister Trinity, is named after "The Matrix", which is so cool!!!
I'd love to be named after a leather clad super women.....

 Her middle name is Violet, after my Mum's Aunt.

My baby sister, Veronica (yeah, yeah, she is not a baby anymore. She is turning 7. OMG) is named after that old Elvis Costello song; you know? 
"You can call her anything you'd like, but her name is Veronicaaaaa"

With her middle name, my parents went with a theme, naming her after another of my Mum's aunts, Lee.

So we're:
Jillian Cristine
Trinity Violet
Veronica (Nica) Lee 

(I love running up to Veronica, and spinning her in my arms, and yelling "NICA LEE!!!!!!", it sounds too cute!!!)

And yet, my brothers are Sam Robert, and Luke Daniel.
Yep. Funny.

This post is dedicated to Emma's newest sibling, Lydia/Phineas T!!!!!!


  1. You girls all have pretty names! Sometimes I wish I had a more interesting name. Emma Jane is pretty plain. haha. I like Emj though. I think that's why I started Emj, it's a little different.

    You dedicated a post to Lydia/Phineas! Awwww :) You're so sweet!

    I love you Jillian!

    -Emma Jett

  2. I really like strange names that are so different and unique from everyone else's. Like Roc. It's just so cool :) Sounds like you love your siblings :) Sometimes it's a bit hard but other times you just want to hug them to death! Jesus loves you! :)

  3. i really appreciate unique names, me being Lily-Pagan. originally my mom wanted to just name me Pagan, but when she was in the hospital having me, she almost died in delivery and this super great nurse brought her lilies to help make her feel better. so hence Lily-Pagan. well, my middle name is Melody. Lily-Pagan Melody. yay!
    Trinity is a super cool name! and i love the name Jillian, too! lol!

  4. I can't really remember but I heard that noted before, girls just get the relly awesome fun names, and boys get the normal ones haha :. I really like the name Kelia, i think it's really pretty.

  5. Wow your names are so cool and unique! I love them.

    My parents couldn't decded what to call me so I ended up Lydia Joanna Mary Elizabeth. Cruel right??

    New post up. Check it if you can!


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