The horrible truth

The way that boy can break a heart; it's like a work of art.

And this is the worst part;
He knows it.

And he's so confident, that he's what everybody wants.

But nobody wants him to know it.

I hate it.

Posted by ShoZu


  1. "the only one that has enough of me to break my heart"
    -Taylor Swift

  2. Thats a really good poem! Nice work!

  3. Good song...
    I know the feeling. :(

  4. I soooo know how that feels. I've definitely changed the words of that song before.

  5. The thing is that no matter how hurt we feel right now we will always love again.. We take that risk ( getting our hearts broken ) when we love...
    Nut loving and being loved is such a beautiful thing that we forget about the pain that might come
    its just human nature


"Sometimes the world seems like a big hole. You spend all your life shouting down it and all you hear are echoes of some idiot yelling nonsense down a hole"
_Adam Duritz

I love hearing things that aren't my own pathetic echoes.