Okay! I feel POWER, like I've never felt before... This is SO radical! And life changing

Okay I have a lot of things on my mind today!
I don't think I'll finish my boring post. Just cos.

Okay, you see, this morning I woke up feeling really tired, and really weak, and really worn out.

But I was so sick of feeling that way, since that was all I had been feeling for the past few days.

I was missing three very important (to me) things: 
  • My Apple Store gift card (which was a pretty large amount, FYI)
  • A have a little side job, doing media projects. And I had this particular project, where I misplaced a information disc, and it was really hanging over my head. And the man who it belonged to kept on calling me over and over and over, so I was feeling pretty horrible.
  • My math text book. I have a test coming up, to move up another grade, and how could I possibly study if I didn't have my text book?
And those thing were really dragging me down. It's the worst thing in the world to me when I can't find something important.

So, I decided to read my Bible, something that admittedly haven't done as much as I'd planned on doing in 2009. And then I picked up this little book that I started reading awhile ago called:
"The prayer of Jabez for teens".
And I started reading it. And reading it.
And I know this sounds simple, but I never really believed you could just ask God anything.

But I prayed Jabez's prayer. And I asked that today I would find those three missing things.
And I asked for something else too, but that is a little more private.

I was just so furious with losing things! Really really angry. So I spent a few hours, and you will never guess what! I found EVERY SINGLE THING. You don't understand, these aren't things I lost yesterday, they had been gone for weeks (I had been working on another text book, that particular one that was missing, was necessary until now). And I was so grateful!!!
I can't believe it. I just asked. I guess without realizing it, I had bought it to the, "
why would God care about something so insignificant to him?"

But it isn't true. We are his children, and he really cares about us. And for those of you that don't believe this, try praying the prayer of Jabez, found in 1st Chronicles 4:10

Okay, a second thing:

Now that I finally located that Apple card, I want to add to my iPod collection.
I've always thought it would be neat to have one of these, but I definitely didn't want it instead of an iPod. But, now since I have a Classic, and a Touch, I thought one of these would be a nice addition. Cos, my friend Emma says they are on of the best things since you can clip it virtually anywhere, and it has great battery life. Okay, then. I want you guys to vote, okay?


And what should I get engraved on the back? I get one line, and I already decided I need my phone number on there in case it got lost, but you vote on what should go before:

  • Music In Me
  • Hello Sunshine!
  • Music to my ears
  • Hi, I'm Radical
  • Little Miss Sunshine
  • Believe in love
  • Believe
  • Smile
  • Smile at mirrors
  • All things are possible
  • Everyday Sunday
  • Brilliant 
  • Awesome 
  • Hello, meet myTunes
  • If lost, please dial


  1. lol my mom told me i need to finish off the story because it might be causing me my anxiety and depression. even though i totally disagree with her, (well sord of not) i really just want tofinish the story :D


  2. My story blog, yes, but im still allowed to blog. my mom just wants me to take a break off of writing my stories.

  3. good post, and very true, God does care about every little detail of our lives, that's just how great His love is.

    oh and i had a request. could you move the music player up more toward the top of your blog?
    sometimes i visit your blog when i have music playing and i have to scroll all the way down to pause the one on your blog.

  4. OK, so I've really enjoyed reading your blog. I love it!

    And I deff think you should go with green for your shuffle and I like the phrase: Smile! :)

  5. I love your little Widget! lol Thanks!

    That's so awesome ou found all of the stuff you were looking for! God is good.

    I think the green Shuffle is really cool looking. I kind of like the phrase "Smile at mirrors", but that's just my opinion. lol


  6. Hey Jill!

    (I'm assuming it's ok for me to call you that if not just tell me that I'm stupid and should know better!)

    So anyway thanks for the comment on that post! It's truly hilarious when people think they're too "cool" for you and your friends when you're doing "stupid" things! Life is so much fun.

    Btw I really like you're blog, and I'll probably be checking back often to see what you post! I love your "about me" section too! Very creative and fresh! I might just have to revise mine. Haha.

    Oh, and this post is really good. I can relate to the question "why would God ever care about something as small as this??" it's so cool that he really does though! He's just amazing :)

    And I think you should go with a green iPod that says "music in me". I like that one!

    Ok well maybe I'll talk to you later!
    Sara :)

  7. I would deff go w/ the Green shuffle, w/ "Music in me" engraved on the back.

  8. i have a blue shuffle..but go with a green one and i think you should either get "music in me" or "Hi, I'm Radical!" i personally really enjoy that one :D

  9. I think the please dial one..
    (i'm miss simple)
    anyways, I like the red colour.
    And I like your new blog style, its awesome!
    And also, you already have TWO ipods (A TOUCH???) why do you need anther??
    I have one.. a 3g oldie.
    Seriously.. why??

  10. Wow, awsome testimony! I've read part of the book. After hearing that, I'll definatly finish it.

    Go with a green one that says Brilliant. And why do you need another one? - Bob

  11. HEY Jillian!

    You have been following my blog, The Fork In The Path.
    Its playing up on me and won't let me post, so I would be really happy if you could follow my other blog, LISTEN, instead!
    Pretty please? With Eward Cullen on top?


  12. Jill!

    you should totally get a green ipod.
    i used to have a pink one. but it kinda crapped.

    and i dunno wut u should get engraved on the back. i didn't even know that was possible :o

    if you like story blogs, you should check out http://andrewconfessionsofabrokenheart.blogspot.com/

    it's the only other one i know of and it's coolio.

    good post, i love the long ones!


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