My cousins friends: My hilarious experiences with people in their lives

Okay, I have nine awesome cousins, whose faces have been omitted for personal safety (haha)
But I have had several funny/awkward incidents with their personal Posse's.

Like one time, I was hanging out with Kevin (the guy standing up),
 and his best friend Cooper 
(who moved to Qatar, which was really weird.. I wonder why). 
Cooper & Kevin were flipping through my iPod 2 gen, and I was looking through Cooper's iPod mini. 
"Whoa, you have a lot of music on this thing" Kevin said. "I know it" I said.
 "Have you ever thought of the rise and fall of the CD player?" said Cooper. He had a way of talking like that, which was so funny. "I mean, who uses CD players anymore?" "Our Grandma" I said indignantly. "My point exactly",  Cooper said. "It's true" said Kevin. "Well, I do sometimes" I admitted. "Like, why?" Said K & C at the same time. "Because I don't have time to load it onto my computer" I said. "C'mon! All you have to do is sit and watch the little bubbles go!" Cooper said. And that sounded so funny so we all started laughing.

And then there was my conversation with Michael's best friend, Danny.
Man, whoa. That had to be one of the nastiest conversations of my life. I swear, he just kept of hurling insults at me, and I served 'em right back. Looking back, it was rather funny, though. Cos it's not like we knew each other, or anything. And Danny kept on saying that Michael said something, and Michael kept on saying it wasn't true.... LOL. He is okay though, when you get used to him.

Then I got kidnapped by Anna, and her herd, and told to be quite and watch....  and I did. They did some sort of show thingy where they jumped from bed to bed screaming  a song and laughing. I was rather entertaining. I think Anna might have a future in choreography. 

Or the time that Steven's friend Ben dyed his  thumb red by soaking it in gatorade, then went around daring people to suck it.

Or one of my all time favorites:
When we went canoeing with my cousins, and Kevin's friend Josh, and Josh, having really long hair at the time, got it tangled in a tree, and we all had to stop and get his hair out. And then he went home and cut it. LOL.

Whoa. This was longer than I wanted it to be. I hope none of you fell asleep.
No hard feelings, Michael? We were joking, and we did make up after it.

Exit: Jillian


  1. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!

    No hard feelings at ALL.
    He bugs me sometimes too.



    (p.s. - Thanks for blurring out my face, thats why I took that video off of youtube. lol)

  2. You know, what if people looked like that? I mean, their faces altered. That would be weird.
    Ah, the canoe ride. My family tipped a canoe. Yeah, we tipped one, and it was pretty funny. Good times, good times. Peace!

  3. Hahah, i love the good times with my cousins. Favourite time when my brother got 'married' to my cousin. Won't let them live it down.

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  5. haahahahaha his hair got stuck!! thats amazing!!!


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