Does Bored = Borring?

My Dad always told me that only borring people get bored.

My Dad has always been a huge sorce of inspiration in my blogging (if your reading this, I love you Daddy!).

But recently, that has been sticking in my head.

I think, at times, I have complained that "I'm SOOO bored"
But, on second thought, I think the only reason I was saying that was because that was what everyone else was saying. If that makes sense.

Life is really colorful, all you have to do is look around you. Get your head off the ground, and puhleeze look! There is SO much to be excited about! All you have to do is search.
But sometimes there ARE borring people that come across you paths. Not that any of you are borring! Borring people don't write/read blogs.

Well, technically, there is no such thing as "borring people".

Let's just say that boredom is a sickness that plagues many young people. Put that way, it's curable, because no one is born borring. It is a slow killing disease that some....

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  1. hey jill :D
    just because im your spelled boring wrong..there is only one R. but good post otherwise :D
    <33333 char

  2. thanks so much!!! your suh a good friend!!!

  3. I agree that I myself have said i was bored. But sometimes i have sayed it because 1) everyone says it 2) I don't want to see my other options of not being bored.
    But boredom is just one of those strange things in life
    or 4 me at least

  4. The way I view boredom: you get what you give.

  5. Hey Yourself Jillian!
    You can use the internet on your ipod?? sweet!! It's great I don't have that on mine, or other wise I would be mysteriously and suddenly unable to to stop listening to my music! Don't worry about not commenting, I do it all the time.. I just forget, and people are like... Hello?? You alive, I have been commenting you for ages!

    Thanks, it is har being vegan, exspecially a gluten free one! That in it's self it really hard.

    I try not to baby talk, but sometimes it just comes out!
    I talk to my dog alot, and tell her about my day, so I just talk normally with her like I'm talking to a friend but she doesn't say stupid things and make me made..grr. I talk to other animals with a sort of coo coo in my voice. It's weird lol!

    Thanks so much, I love being on favourite bloggers list. Blogs are so cool, because you can have friends that you have never meet ever, but every day you let them read your diary and personal thoughts. I don't do that with my friends that I see everyday.

    See Ya Later,

  6. JILLIAN!!!

    thank you soooooooooo much for putting my blog on ur blog list!!

    it means soooooo much!


    now i'm finally starting to get my blog off the ground!

  7. Hi!
    Nice post. I don't remember how many times i've said i'm bored, but half of the time i am :)
    Loved your post ! Maybe i'll stop saying that i'm bored ! :D

  8. haha I always hear that from everybody! It's annoying!
    I'm so booooored.....


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