Don't Read This Post If Random Things Bug You

I miss my summer friends.
I know that sounds weird, summer friends, but allow me to explain.
During the summer, I usually hang out with the kids around my neighborhood.
It's warm, everyone's out, and it's so fun!
Whether it's teaching the bored middle schoolers that hang around the park to skate, or having some kids over for soccer in my backyard, to helping build this huge fort someone set up in a tiny patch of woods, or playing tag with these 2 adorable little boys from next door.
I actually started inviting random people over this summer, which was awkward at first, but, in the end, it turned out great. The idea started in July, when my Dad took us to explore his old neighborhood after he picked me up from the skate park. He showed us where they used to play, all the kids. Hoops, forts, tag everything. It was so cool. So I started thinking (and when I think, I THINK). "Why can't we do this? Why do all the kids in our neighborhood seem so disconnected? Why can't we all be friends?" Thus, it all started. So, I can barely wait for summer to come!

Look at the above picture, then look at the above picture of myself.
Think: Not gonna happen.
Ice skating has been on my mind.
Several people have been commenting about it, and *gasp* youth group is going ice skating!
So, I thought it was time to let the world know: Jillian Christine Does Not Ice Skate. Period.
I tried it once, when I was nine. Should I care to relive one of the most polar opposite sides of hell? (hint, it's NOT heaven, think, hell, except frozen)
It was one of the most fun, most humiliating, 2 hours of my 15-year-old existence.
For one, it was cold. For two, I couldn't stay up for more than 2 minutes.
And the worst part was, there were these  little 6 year olds just zooming by.
But, even then, I would not give up. Long after my brothers had called it a day, I was still involved in the endless loop, wanting with all my might to be awesome, like on TV.
Well, I kept that sorry smile plastered to my face and I crash coursed around the rink, at times holding on for dear life. I was terrified, but not humiliated. I was soaked, but not sorry. 
But now, 6 years later, I am slowly starting to realize that I may not have that same,
 "I don't care" attitude, and that makes me sad. I want to get back to that 9-year-old, who didn't care if people laughed. Who stood up for what she believed in, without worrying about offending people. Dear God, bring me back. Okay now, SHOW ME THE ICE RINK!



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  2. LOL i understand :D
    my dad always bugs me when i like a boy its so annoying

  3. Okay, maybe this is dumb but, you're 15? I thought you were 14. Sorry if I was wrong.:)

    Love the post. Have fun ice skating.:D


  4. Awwww. You are using Pink Sherbet pics.. I notice them. Shes deifantly one of my faves!

  5. LOL. Ice skating rocks until one of the 'wardens' starts doing a load of tricks. I swear the people out there to help us are more dangerous than anyone else.


    I like your blog. And the finger star! Cool picture. =D

  6. Hi!
    the piks are lovely. especially the 2nd one :)

  7. I LOVE to ask skate! First lesson,i was 9, i went out onto the ring, fell about 4737373 times in the first 30 seconds, then by the end of the lesson i was skating circles around the rink just like a 9 year old girl who just barely learned how to skate and was having a blast! WOO!!

    Sad part is, i'm good at ice-skating after one lesson, but after countless attempts at just skating, i've decided gravity doesn't like me enough to do more than one kind of skating. seriously, i suck at all variations except ice. and ice skating is so girly i had to quickly balance it out my taking up fencing before becoming a girly girl. It was a close call heheehe.

    Your summers sound fun! Neighborhood soccer games are DA BOMB. Sounds like you found a way to bring the neighborhood a bit closer. GO YOU!!! THe mother Theresa of neighborhood etiquette.

    o, and one more thing.

    LOVES YA!!

    ok i'm done, see ya!

  8. tagged you in my latest blog :D
    check it out

  9. Hey. your tag thing is surely working out well :) it's cool !

  10. Well i got inspired i guess i don't know if it qualifies as poetry or not but i just wrote what i felt and well that is the end result thanks a lot
    4 reading it

  11. i miss my summer friends, too. those are my friends from camp. they live all across the country, so i only really get to see them in the summer.
    i tried ice skating a few times. disaster. i've also tried skiing, which is about eight hundred twenty four times worse. if there's one thing i learned, it's this: klutzes don't belong on ice.

  12. Hey ;)
    the tagging thing is really cool, shows you alot about people with just a few questions :) its a ghood idea :)

    I like this post alot, it seems, well honest, i like that, im terrible at ice skating, i think i spend more time on the floor than i do on my feet, but hey, its a laugh :)

  13. hey!
    thanks so much for following my blog! it's just now getting popular (mostly through anastasia's blog, THANKS SO MUCH ANNIE!!) so i really appreciate that you like it!
    i skate a lot too! i'm not nearly as good as the girl in the picture but i'm getting there!
    btw, i absolutely love the second pic!

  14. The last couple lines really hit me. I feel that way ALL THE TIME!!! And there is no need to comment 24/7 haha dont worry about it :) Hope your having a blessed week. Ill be praying for your ice skating adventure. hahaha. God Bless!


  15. You need to check out my blog right now !! you'll regret girl !!! :)


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